If you want business travellers to enjoy the trip from the beginning to the end – you need Goelett, new product in CDS Groupe family

The Marketplace for Business Travel

Who are we

We are extraordinary mix of travel industry experts, product and software engineering practitioners, who decided to provide business travellers services in a new digital way.

What we do

We are designing, building and providing travel management services tor European TMCs and corporations

Our products

We build an online booking tool known as Rydoo, that also stands behind Havas Trave Solution and hotel booking platform iAlbatros. Both used by thousands of business travellers every day.

Contact us

We are happy to talk about modern business travel, email us on:


Goelett take over whole complexity of business travel management to :
  • fulfill duty of care and tighten compliance of travelling employees
  • make employees more productive
  • and cut travel costs leaving traveller a pleasure to lesurise business trip.
Goelett is the enterprise travel management system that:
  • deploys and configures fast (in days) and brings client value immediately
  • fits clients’ environments by integrating easily with external approval, external expense management, sources of profiles, sources of analytical fields, reporting tools and financial systems
  • has high adoption thanks to leisure-like UX and proper content and allows to control most of travel costs

Unlike other solution:

  • does not require months of implemntation
  • focus on users’ experience
  • have all the corporate business logic of cost management
  • we partner with TMCs and can we deal with complex business requirements

Who are we?

Goelett team is formed by experienced practitioners with unique mixture of skills and knowledge in: travel & hospitality industry, BPO management, accounting, product management, software engineering, user experience.

We are happy to become a part of even bigger family – CDS Groupe, leading hotel marketplace for business travel in Europe.

Our team members gathered the skills during working in acknowledged travel and hospitality service providers, largest IT and BPO services providers, world top consulting and professional services providers, IT integrators. But we have one thing in common we believe that all business travellers deserve fantastic experience.

Experience diversity enables Goelett team to boost creativity, to generate innovative ideas and to provide business travel in the modern digital way.

What we do

We manage
travel services

We partner with TMCs and provide business travel management services. For last 11 years we have been supporting thousands of travellers and covering hospitality and travel part of procurement to pay processes for corporations.

We provide
SaaS solutions

We have software engineering practice that provide cloud solutions for TMCs and corporations to support travel management processes.

We perfectly know how IT can support the business.

We create
digital innovations

We combine these experiences to create innovations, so called technology-based disruptions. We provide services in a new digital way.

We also use our business pragmatic approach and cost effectiveness taken from outsourcing background to manage research and development project.

Goelett, a tool for the Business Travel industry

Travel agencies
Des agences locales aux grandes agences internationales.

Nous veillons à ce que notre solution s’intègre parfaitement dans leur environnement (PNR, Mid-Office, Robots) pour permettre des processus totalement fluides afin de leur permettre de toujours mieux servir leurs clients.

En fournissant un écosystème entièrement ouvert prêt à se connecter à plusieurs sources et en innovant constamment pour que notre outil soit toujours en mesure de répondre aux évolutions constantes de la distribution (Air, Rail, Hôtel et Location courte durée)

Des PME/PMI aux grandes entreprises internationales.

Nous veillons à ce que nos solutions répondent à leurs attentes en matière d’économies directes et indirectes, de sécurité des employés et de contrôle des procédures internes.

En proposant toute une gamme de paramétrage pour la définition de la politique voyages et des différents processus de validations. En permettant d’intégrer directement dans l’outils tous les tarifs négociés (Air, Rail, Hôtel et Location courte durée)

Les Assistant(e)s, les chargé(e)s de voyages, les self-booker, les voyageurs, ...

Nous veillons à ce que nos solutions répondent à leurs besoins et leur facilitent la vie jour après jour.

En offrant la meilleure expérience utilisateur du marché, les fonctionnalités attendues et un contenu exhaustif qui répond à leurs besoins. Le tout avec un niveau de disponibilité maximale et une haute qualité de service.

ERP, Solution RH, solutions de gestions des dépenses professionnelles, solutions d’ordres de missions...

Nous nous assurons que notre outil est prêt à dialoguer avec des applications externes afin de maximiser le retour sur investissement pour nos clients.

En développant des API flexibles et interopérables

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