Inconsistent Approval Status in the Trip HistoryFixed

We have identified a discrepancy between the approval status of certainbookings. While the trip history displays these bookings as approved, theircurrent view continues to reflect a “pending approval” status. This issue havebeen identified and fixed in the user interface.

ITA Airways Loyalty Program Name Update

We identified an issue where the ITA Airways loyalty program name wasincorrectly displayed as “Mille Miglia” in certain areas of the application. Thishas now been fixed, and the program name will be accurately reflected as“Volare” going forward.

Error While Booking SNCF Tickets with Military IDFixed

Previously, an error (code 66) occurred when booking SNCF tickets with validmilitary ID cards in EDA client profiles. This issue has been fixed. The systemincorrectly processed bookings using military fares, even though the ID cardswere valid. Military personnel can now book SNCF tickets using their IDs withinthe tool.

Improved Booking Status Updates forUnconfirmed Ryanair Flights

We have identified an issue where travelers were not receiving timelynotifications when their LCC bookings were not confirmed after 72 hrs frombooking request. This could lead to confusion for travelers who were unawaretheir booking final status.To improve transparency, we made the following enhancement:72-hour follow-up: If the booking remains unconfirmed after 72 hours, anemail notification will be […]

Rail Time Picker Bug Fixed: Incorrect Display on Dashboard

Previously the picker incorrectly displayed a default time range of 10:00-18:00, despite the actual configuration being set to 08:00-18:00 in the main dashboard. We have identified and fixed this bug. The Rail Time Picker now accurately reflects the configured time range, ensuring correct data representation.

Displaying negotiated rates after clicking show more rooms

The bug involved displaying incorrectly negotiated rates. Users were not receiving negotiated rates when performing searches. Upon clicking “Show rooms,” only standard rates were displayed. Negotiated rates were only visible after clicking “Show more rooms.”

Air Carbon Emission Display Error Fixed

We recently encountered an issue where CO2 emissions information wasn’t displaying for some airlines on the flight details page. Clicking the cloud icon, intended to show this data, resulted in an error message instead. This issue has been identified and resolved.

Booking Error Resolved: Incorrect Phone Format

We identified and fixed a bug that caused booking errors during the finalization process. This issue arose due to an incorrect phone number (the system did not accept spaces in phone number format, leading to an error message). This issue have been addressed and does not impact the booking process.

Improved Cancellation Tracking in PNRs

We updated our platform to distinguish between cancellations initiated by system errors versus those made by travellers in the PNR. This refinement ensures clearer visibility and understanding of the reasons behind each cancellation, facilitating better management and response strategies for both users and support teams.

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