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Latest updates in Goelett

Explore the most recent changes, updates, and new features introduced in the Goelett app. Stay informed about our ongoing improvements, designed to enhance the user experience and optimize the application’s performance


[Expedia] Corporate Rates available as Exclusive Rates

Expedia offers Goelett unique corporate rates that align with our client’s preferences. These rates are marked as “Exclusive rates” to emphasise their special offerings, such as breakfast, free Wi-Fi, or parking. In the upcoming phase, we will further refine this by relabelling them as Business Rates. The label can be enabled in …


[] Mobile Rates in Goelett Mobile App

We’ve boosted the user experience for Mobile App users by introducing a new feature that grants access to specialized mobile rates from This improvement involves recognizing the user’s platform and tailoring rates accordingly, making the booking process smoother and more advantageous for Mobile App users.


Removing ‘ignore’ option for missing passport data pop up

To enhance passport data compliance, we’ve hidden the ‘Ignore’ button on the pop up informing users that their profiles are missing passport data. Now situations where travellers may face booking issues due to missing travel documents in their profiles are prevented.


[UX] Displaying nominated Arranger’s email next to the name

We’ve improved the nominated arranger selection process by displaying both names and email addresses. This enhancement reduces the risk of duplicates and ensures a more efficient selection process. How does it look after change: 2. Config Tool 3. Guest Form

ApprovalImprovementTravel Policy

Improved Trip Reason display in Travel Policy & Approval Workflow

We’ve improved the display of trip reasons in travel policy and approval workflows. Trip reasons from different business units now include business unit codes in parentheses, making it easier to distinguish between them and reducing confusion.


Enhanced Support Contact Management

We’ve improved support contact management in Goelett. Users can now edit support contacts directly within the Voucher Manager tab, specifically in the voucher element section labeled “Support Contacts.” This change ensures that users have greater control over their support contact information. Additionally, any synchronized data from iAlbatros can overwrite existing Goelett data, …


[Car] Improved Delcol (delivery/collection) Location Visibility

We’ve enhanced delivery and pick up location visibility to ensure that each company only sees the locations they can book. Previously, some companies were seeing locations not meant for them, leading to confusion. Now, we fetch and store delcol location data based on corporate id and billing number, providing a more accurate …

AirBug fixImprovementTravel

[TravelFusion] Bug Fix for Booking Completion

We’ve resolved a bug that caused issues when finalizing LLC (EasyJet) bookings. The problem stemmed from sending empty values, as the email address was not being retrieved from general data to TravelFusion. Our updated logic now ensures the correct contact information is transmitted to the provider, resulting in an improved booking flow.

AirBug fixCarImprovementRailTransportationTravel

[Transportation] Completed cities, stations, airports database

As a result of our ongoing efforts, we’ve expanded our location database, adding missing stations, cities, and airports. This enhancement ensures that our OBT provides more offers and corrects potential issues users may encounter due to incomplete or inaccurate location information when booking.


[UX/Approver] Multi-pax travel view for Approver – fixed text visibility and added missing translations

In the previous version, the summary text with total price for multi-pax travellers booking  was not sufficiently visible in the Approver view. To address this, we have implemented visual adjustments, so that information and cost stands out better and it is easier for Approver to notice. Additionally missing translations have been provided.

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