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Airl/Rail SearchDesktopNew featureOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Enabled Multiple Transportation Options for Air/Rail Comparison Search

We are expanding the possibilities of our travel search functionality, enabling users to compare and choose between rail and air options simultaneously. This enhancement extends beyond the current PAO/GDS combination, now incorporating Trainline as a viable rail provider. With this update, users can seamlessly explore rail and air options within a single …


[Trainline] Multipax Booking Management with Individual Traveller Cancellations

Building upon our previous enhancement to the multi-passenger booking approval process, we are now introducing the ability to cancel individual trip members independently within multipax Trainline bookings. This feature complements the existing approach, which ensures that only authorized individuals can approve or reject services for the entire booking. With this latest addition, …


Synchronize User Deactivations across Goelett and Sabre

We have addressed an issue related to user deactivations by ensuring that when a user is deactivated in Goelett, their profile is also deactivated in Sabre. This synchronization eliminates the possibility of ex-employees accessing their Sabre profiles and potentially committing fraud. This ensures that only active users have access to Goelett and …

Bug fixDesktopOptionalPNRTravel

Issue with MIS segment in the PNR

We have addressed a customer feedback request to enhance the PNR editing experience by allowing users to customize the “PAR” element in MIS messages. This element, which is essential for maintaining access to PNR details after booking, can now be modified to any three-letter code. The default value remains “PAR,” but users …

ArrangerDesktopNew featureOptionalTravel View

New Company Trips View

The new Company Trips View is a dedicated view that provides Arrangers, Travel Agents, and Administrators with a central location to manage and track all company trips. This enhanced view offers a comprehensive overview of all booked trips, enabling users to easily search and filter trips based on various criteria, including:– company/business …

Custom MessagesDesktopNew featureOptionalTravel

Introduced Priority for Custom Messages

We added a new property, Priority, to custom messages in the configuration tool. This feature is currently available only for Information messages with no impact on the Policy form. Messages will be displayed in descending order of Priority, mirroring the order that will be displayed on the dashboard. This enhancement allows to …

DesktopNew featureOptionalTravel Policy

Hints/Tooltips with rule description in the Travel Policy

From now on we will display additional explanations regarding more complex rules in the Travel Policy and how they are applied in the booking flow. To access these explanations, simply hover over the ‘i’ icon next to the rule. A short description will appear, providing valuable context and guidance on how to …

ApprovalDesktopNew featureOptionalTravel

Selecting Approver from Traveller’s Business Unit for Approver by Permission

We have enhanced the Approval workflow to allow Travellers to select Approvers from their (Traveller’s) business unit when using the “Approver by Permission” option. Previously, administrators could only select a specific business unit or leave the field blank, which meant Approver could be selected from the entire company. Now, a new checkbox …

ApprovalDesktopNew featureOptionalTravel

Update to Approval Policy: Mandatory Guest Approver

We have enhanced the approval policy to provide the option of requiring a mandatory approver for guest bookings. When this feature is enabled, the “Nominated Approver” field becomes mandatory for guest arrangements, ensuring that all guest bookings receive appropriate oversight. This update empowers clients to enforce stricter approval protocols for guest travel, …

Admin PanelDesktopNew featureOptionalTravel Policy

New Group City Cap Policy Rules Import/Export

Policy Managers can now export and import lists of cities on the Group City list. This feature simplifies the process of managing group city caps and reduces the manual work required to configure the Travel Policy.

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