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Booking flowDashboardDesktopNew featureOptionalTravel

Streamlined Booking for Travellers with Complex Privileges

We have introduced the ‘Add Me’ button to simplify the booking process for travellers with complex privileges. This button allows logged-in travellers to add their own details to a booking without the need to open the side panel and fill out additional fields.

Admin PanelDesktopImprovementOptionalTravel

Selected company’s business unit displayed automatically without typing the phrase

This improvement will be the most beneficial for Administrators. Previously to select a specific business unit in the config tool it was required to type the first 3 letters of the name. Now after clicking on the ‘Search for a Business unit’ all business units are displayed on the drop down list.

Custom MessagesDesktopImprovementOptionalTravel

Custom Messages inheritance from TMC

This enhancement enables the display of messages at both the company and TMC levels. If a message is inherited from the TMC level, a new column will indicate its origin. However, messages inherited from the TMC level cannot be edited on the company level.

DesktopEmailsNew featureNotilusOptionalTravel

[Notilus] Enhancement for Approval Email Templates

Building upon our previous update, we’ve further enhanced the feature that allows to customize redirection links in mailings.  An additional checkbox labeled “CartRedirectionLink” has been added to the “Trip Details” section, allowing clients to easily control whether redirection links are included in the email. By default, the checkbox is checked, ensuring that …

DesktopHotel bookingHotel VoucherNew featureOptionalTravel

Voucher Manager Enhancement: Flexible Local Tax Display

We have enhanced the voucher manager to provide more flexibility in displaying local tax information. Users can now choose whether to hide the local tax section from vouchers, display a message stating that the hotel provider will cover the city tax if not included in the price, or retain the default local …

Bug fixDesktopHotel bookingLoyalty and discount cardsOptionalTravel

[Hotel] Loyalty Points Message Delayed Display in Trip Card Custom Field View

We resolved an issue where the loyalty points message was not displayed immediately when users navigated to the trip card’s custom field view. The message is now displayed correctly upon initial access, eliminating any delays or inconsistencies.

AirDesktopNDCNew featureOptionalTravel

Improved Provider Control for Admins: Enable/Disable NDC Content via Travelfusion

We have extended the capability to enable or disable NDC content from Travelfusion directly from the Goelett admin panel. By default, NDC content will be disabled for all Travelfusion provider, empowering administrators to maintain granular control over the presentation of NDC-enabled content.

AirDesktopLoyalty and discount cardsNDCNew featureOptionalTravel

Automatic Loyalty Card Submission for NDC

We enabled automatic submission of airline loyalty cards during the booking process for NDC/Travelfusion flights. This feature ensures that travellers can easily collect points for their eligible flights without the need for manual intervention.

DesktopNDCNew featureOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Enabled Pre-ticketing Cancellation for NDC

We made it possible for users to cancel Travelfusion NDC airline bookings in the pre-ticketing state. This enhancement empowers bookers to manage their travel arrangements more flexibly and impact on error handling.

DesktopNDCNew featureOptionalTravel

NDC Access Credentials Management for TMCs

With this new feature, TMC administrators can  manage multiple carriers’ NDC access credentials within the same subbranch. This eliminates the need for TMCs with multiple NDC access credentials to rely on Travelfusion’s single-credential support, streamlining their booking process. TMC administrators can store NDC access credentials in the Transport Providers config. Additionally, they …

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