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[Notilus] Hotel Pricing with Local Tax Inclusion

To provide Notilus users with more comprehensive hotel information, we are expanding the hotel data to include whether local taxes are included in the rate. This information is currently available on Goelett and is being sent via the SBT API. We will be integrating this information into Notilus to ensure that users …

Bug fixImprovementNotilusOptionalSBT APITravel

[Notilus] New link redirection for Approval Email Template

We made an update to the approval email template for Notilus clients. This update addresses the issue of approvers receiving error messages when attempting to directly access trips via email links. The enhanced template now includes an additional checkbox labeled “CartRedirectionLink” under the “Trip Details” section. Notilus clients can customize the template …

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[Notilus] Certificate for not compliant hotels with travel policy enabled for travellers

With this update, when booking a hotel through context login integration with Notilus InOne, travellers now count on automatic certificate delivery. A new “Download” button has been added. If no offers are found, this feature allows you to instantly download the appropriate certificate. If a room cannot be booked as per company’s …

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[Notilus] SBT API

In our latest product release, we bring you a series of enhancements and issue resolutions aimed at streamlining your experience with Notilus. Here’s what’s new: 1. Resolving Mandatory Data InputIn a previous scenario, leaving a non-mandatory field blank in Notilus custom fields would lead to an unintended lock within the system, requiring …

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