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[Trainline] Hidden non-searchable stations in the search panel

We improved the station search and booking experience by addressing the issue of displaying non-searchable stations in the search dropdown. Previously, all added stations were displayed, regardless of their searchability status. This led to booking errors when selecting stations marked as non-searchable. With this update, non-searchable stations are no longer displayed in …

ArrangerNew featureOptionalRailTrainlineTravel

[Trainline] Enabling Individual Ticket Cancellation for Multipax Trips

We introduced the ticket cancellation feature that provides flexibility for canceling individual tickets within multi-passenger trips. It allows Arrangers to cancel tickets separately for outbound and inbound journeys. This ensures that Arrangers can make changes on a more individualized level, catering to specific passenger requirements without affecting the entire group booking.

Admin PanelBENENew featureOptionalRailTravel

Multiple BENE API Accounts for Enhanced Customization

With this update, Goelett platform now enables the configuration of multiple BENE API accounts at the company/business unit level. This advancement eliminates the previous limitation of a single API credential set, offering greater flexibility and customization options. 

Bug fixRailTravel

[Trainline] Split PNR For Multipax Trainline Booking

We were not able to split PNRs while we were creating a Multipax booking. Fixing this issue allows us to have consistency with our bookings as we always split the PNR to have 1 pax per booking and also allows TMC to handle it with no issues (offline after sales).

AirBug fixCarImprovementRailTransportationTravel

[Transportation] Completed cities, stations, airports database

As a result of our ongoing efforts, we’ve expanded our location database, adding missing stations, cities, and airports. This enhancement ensures that our OBT provides more offers and corrects potential issues users may encounter due to incomplete or inaccurate location information when booking.


[Rail] Fixed control for rail bookings with short Last Ticketing Date

We’ve developed a solution to effectively manage the challenge posed by rail offers with exceptionally short last ticketing dates (LTD). Through this enhancement, TMCs gain the ability to set a minimum required LTD value within the approval flow settings. This threshold determines whether bookings should follow the standard approval process or opt …

Fare rulesImprovementRailTravel

[Rail: Trainline, PAO, SNFC, BENE] Rail leisure and pro fares conditions added

We made an improvement of the clarity of fare conditions displayed on the 1st screen. We understand that distinguishing between LEISURE and PRO fares is essential for our users. Therefore, we have made changes to the tag “Remboursable” to “Remboursable avec frais” for LEISURE fares such as “PREM’S,” “SECONDE,” and “PREMIERE.” This …


[Rail: Trainline] translations and other fixes

We’ve made several fixes for Trainline that will streamline the ticket buying process, including:– for seat map – missing French translations,– enabling modifications on an not confirmed trip that previously caused an error,– we have removed the bug of displaying Trainline name for those clients who did not have offers from this …

AirBug fixCarLoyalty and discount cardsRailTransportationTravel

Improved synchronization for loyalty cards

In this update, we’ve focused on refining the synchronization process for loyalty cards of transportation providers. Some loyalty cards were either missing or card types were incorrectly synchronized with GDS, leading to inconsistencies between online and offline services. We’ve successfully addressed these issues by ensuring that all loyalty cards are added and …

ImprovementJuly 2023RailSabreTravel

[Sabre] Enable missing rail offers

We have implemented an accesrail enhancement that enables travel combining rail and air mid-stops, such as TGV Air, in a single ticket. Passengers can now book train journeys with connecting flights as part of their air ticket. Additionally, we have included missing train and bus stations, along with stopovers, to mimic the …

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