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Online post-ticketing cancellation improvement

With this latest enhancement to the Admin Panel, Admins have the capability to enable Online Ticket Cancellation (OTC) directly within the platform, as well as set a specific timeframe before departure within which the cancellation feature can be activated. Admins can now adjust this setting based on TMC unique operational needs and …

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Enabling air/train comparison search via quick search widget

By introducing the air/rail feature in the quick search widget, users can now easily access this comparison search for flights and trains without the need to navigate through the extended search option. This enhances the user experience, making it more convenient and efficient to find the best travel options.

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Setting default departure and return hours for rail service

With this latest update, administrators can now easily set default departure and return hours for rail services. You’ll find these options conveniently located under the ‘Transport Providers Configuration’ tab, within the newly added ‘General’ section under the rail tab.

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[PAO] Seatmap selection for TGV 1st class fare

We have introduced an upgraded feature for TGV first-class fares that allows travellers to select seats directly from a seating map. This enhancement provides passengers with the opportunity to customize their travel experience by choosing seats that align with their preferences, whether it’s proximity to the window, aisle, or specific amenities (passengers …

Bug fixOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Updated booking status for rejected webfare

Customers experienced confusion when booking services with webfares that couldn’t be confirmed. The booking status incorrectly remained confirmed, leading to user confusion, data inaccuracies, and potential operational inefficiencies. We have addressed this issue, ensuring that the booking status now accurately reflects the rejection of webfares.

Bug fixOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Mixed services booking cancellation Error Fixed

This improvement is designed to streamline the booking process for trips that consist of multiple services, including rail, hotel, and car rentals. This feature aims to optimize the user experience by allowing instant ticketing for rail services while providing an approval flow for the entire trip. In cases where a trip is …

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