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Bug fixHotel bookingOptionalTravel

Updated information on the booking cancellation pop-up

Users attempting to cancel a reservation with a past check-in date had encounter an error message stating that the cancellation cannot be processed. This is because the reservation has already passed its check-in date and is no longer eligible for cancellation. To address this issue, a pop-up window will now appear when …

Bug fixImprovementNotilusOptionalSBT APITravel

[Notilus] New link redirection for Approval Email Template

We made an update to the approval email template for Notilus clients. This update addresses the issue of approvers receiving error messages when attempting to directly access trips via email links. The enhanced template now includes an additional checkbox labeled “CartRedirectionLink” under the “Trip Details” section. Notilus clients can customize the template …

Bug fixHotelOptionalPNRTravel

PNR Editor missing sub-suppliers values for {AgregatorID}

Missing hotel sub-supplier values have been updated in PNR Editor database.

Bug fixMobileAppOptionalTravel

[Mobile App] Amenities icons and missing translations

We added extended amenities information: bicycle, eco and electric car charger icons and category translation to hotel facilities description in Goelett mobile app.

Bug fixLCCNew featureOptionalTravel

[Travelfusion] Booking Status Update

This feature ensures that the booking statuses within Goelett correspond precisely with the booking statuses held by Travelfusion. This alignment is achieved by changing the source of confirmation, resulting in the resolution of long-standing discrepancies between Goelett’s booking status and that of Travelfusion.

Bug fixOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Updated booking status for rejected webfare

Customers experienced confusion when booking services with webfares that couldn’t be confirmed. The booking status incorrectly remained confirmed, leading to user confusion, data inaccuracies, and potential operational inefficiencies. We have addressed this issue, ensuring that the booking status now accurately reflects the rejection of webfares.

Bug fixOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Mixed services booking cancellation Error Fixed

This improvement is designed to streamline the booking process for trips that consist of multiple services, including rail, hotel, and car rentals. This feature aims to optimize the user experience by allowing instant ticketing for rail services while providing an approval flow for the entire trip. In cases where a trip is …

AmadeusBug fixGDSOptionalTravel

[Amadeus] Improved form of payment for Amadeus Ticket Changer

When performing changes using Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC – Amadeus tool used for changes and cancellation) instead of using the original Form of Payment which was a credit card we were always sending cash as Form of Payment. After the fix, we are now using the original Form of Payment hence no …

AirBug fixImprovementTravel

[TravelFusion] Bug Fix for Booking Completion

We’ve resolved a bug that caused issues when finalizing LLC (EasyJet) bookings. The problem stemmed from sending empty values, as the email address was not being retrieved from general data to TravelFusion. Our updated logic now ensures the correct contact information is transmitted to the provider, resulting in an improved booking flow.

Bug fixSabreTravel

[Sabre] Wrong baggage allowance issue resolved

We’ve fixed the issue where baggage information was displayed as “1kg” instead of “1 piece” on bookings. This fix ensures that users no longer encounter confusion due to inaccurate baggage details in their bookings.

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