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ArrangerNew featureOptionalRailTrainlineTravel

[Trainline] Enabling Individual Ticket Cancellation for Multipax Trips

We introduced the ticket cancellation feature that provides flexibility for canceling individual tickets within multi-passenger trips. It allows Arrangers to cancel tickets separately for outbound and inbound journeys. This ensures that Arrangers can make changes on a more individualized level, catering to specific passenger requirements without affecting the entire group booking.

Admin PanelBENENew featureOptionalRailTravel

Multiple BENE API Accounts for Enhanced Customization

With this update, Goelett platform now enables the configuration of multiple BENE API accounts at the company/business unit level. This advancement eliminates the previous limitation of a single API credential set, offering greater flexibility and customization options. 

Admin PanelGDSNew featureOptionalTravel

Dedicated Queue for GDS Modifications

To enhance efficiency and simplify modification tracking, a dedicated Modification queue has been introduced for all GDS modifications within the General queues section. This dedicated queue empowers TMCs to seamlessly track all booking modifications, enabling prompt adjustments to invoices and reporting as needed. As a result of this feature, TMCs can enjoy …

IATANew featureOptionalPNRTravel

Carrier Identification for Lowest Fare in PNR Editor

This enhancement introduces the ability to include the IATA code of the airline offering the lowest fare within the PNR. Previously, the system only provided the lowest fare without specifying the airline. This improvement allows users to easily identify the carrier associated with the most affordable option, streamlining the decision-making process.

New featureNotilusOptionalSBT APITravel

[Notilus] Hotel Pricing with Local Tax Inclusion

To provide Notilus users with more comprehensive hotel information, we are expanding the hotel data to include whether local taxes are included in the rate. This information is currently available on Goelett and is being sent via the SBT API. We will be integrating this information into Notilus to ensure that users …

Admin PanelNew featureOptionalSSO IDTravel

Added Profile Filtering with SSO ID Search for Client Admins

Client Admins can now search for travellers’ profiles using SSO ID values, making it easier to find specific profiles without knowing the corresponding login ID. This feature streamlines profile filtering and improves the user experience for Admins in organizations using SSO ID.

Admin PanelHotel ManagementNew featureOptionalTravel

New travel policy rule created for city groups

A new travel policy rule called DESTINATION_CITY_IN_GROUP has been introduced to better manage travel to a large number of cities. This allows to group cities together and apply a single set of travel policies to all cities within the group. This can save the time and effort by eliminating the need to …

DashboardNew featureOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Enabling air/train comparison search via quick search widget

By introducing the air/rail feature in the quick search widget, users can now easily access this comparison search for flights and trains without the need to navigate through the extended search option. This enhances the user experience, making it more convenient and efficient to find the best travel options.

Hotel bookingNew featureOptionalTravel

[Expedia] Introducing guest ratings and sorting for hotels

We have introduced an enhanced hotel rating system, sourced from guest reviews on Expedia. This update includes detailed annotations across various categories, such as cleanliness, staff & service, amenities, property conditions and facilities, all rated on a scale of 1 to 10. To make hotel search aligned with this update, we have …

LCCNDCNew featureOptionalTravel

[Travelfusion] Dual Payment Options for NDC Offers

This update allows TMCs to utilize two distinct forms of payment for NDC offers delivered through our integration with Travelfusion. With this feature, TMCs can choose between two payment methods: IATA BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) and a Lodge Card, offering a versatile experience when booking and managing travel for their clients. …

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