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Extend Ticket Voiding/Refund Options for Amadeus Bookings

Extend Ticket Voiding/Refund Options for Amadeus Bookings

This new feature expands ticket voiding and refund options for Amadeus bookings, providing travellers with greater flexibility and control over their travel arrangements. Now, even after an airline ticket has been issued, travellers have the option to cancel it within a specified time limit, ensuring that they don’t lose money due to unforeseen changes. 

This new feature enables TMC agents to configure per-provider ticket voiding/refund options, allowing them to tailor the policy to align with their specific needs. The default time limit for ticket voiding is until the end of the issuance day, providing ample time for travellers to make informed decisions.

Through the improved ticket voiding functionality, travellers can simply click the “Cancel” button in the cart for their Amadeus bookings before the specified time limit. Upon confirmation, the ticket will be voided, and the PNR will be moved to the “void” queue for further processing.

In cases where ticket voiding is not possible due to exceeding the time limit, the OTC (online ticket cancellation) process will be initiated instead. Travellers will be notified about this and guided through the OTC process, ensuring that they can still cancel their ticket and seek reimbursement.

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