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[PAO] Seatmap selection for TGV 1st class fare

We have introduced an upgraded feature for TGV first-class fares that allows travellers to select seats directly from a seating map. This enhancement provides passengers with the opportunity to customize their travel experience by choosing seats that align with their preferences, whether it’s proximity to the window, aisle, or specific amenities (passengers …

Bug fixDesktopOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Updated booking status for rejected webfare

Customers experienced confusion when booking services with webfares that couldn’t be confirmed. The booking status incorrectly remained confirmed, leading to user confusion, data inaccuracies, and potential operational inefficiencies. We have addressed this issue, ensuring that the booking status now accurately reflects the rejection of webfares.

Bug fixDesktopOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Mixed services booking cancellation Error Fixed

This improvement is designed to streamline the booking process for trips that consist of multiple services, including rail, hotel, and car rentals. This feature aims to optimize the user experience by allowing instant ticketing for rail services while providing an approval flow for the entire trip. In cases where a trip is …

AmadeusBug fixDesktopGDSOptionalTravel

[Amadeus] Improved form of payment for Amadeus Ticket Changer

When performing changes using Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC – Amadeus tool used for changes and cancellation) instead of using the original Form of Payment which was a credit card we were always sending cash as Form of Payment. After the fix, we are now using the original Form of Payment hence no …

DesktopHotel RatesImprovementOptionalTravel

[Expedia] Corporate Rates available as Exclusive Rates

Expedia offers Goelett unique corporate rates that align with our client’s preferences. These rates are marked as “Exclusive rates” to emphasise their special offerings, such as breakfast, free Wi-Fi, or parking. In the upcoming phase, we will further refine this by relabelling them as Business Rates. The label can be enabled in …

Booking.comImprovementMobileOptionalTravel Mobile Rates in Goelett Mobile App

We have boosted the user experience for Goelett Mobile App users by introducing a new feature that grants access to specialised mobile rates from We understand that the mobile platform is essential for modern travellers, and our goal is to provide them with the best tools possible. This improvement involves recognising …


Removing ‘ignore’ option for missing passport data pop up

To enhance passport data compliance, we’ve hidden the ‘Ignore’ button on the pop up informing users that their profiles are missing passport data. Now situations where travellers may face booking issues due to missing travel documents in their profiles are prevented.

DesktopLCCNew featureOptionalTravel

Send non-ref trip to authorized Arranger

This flow has been designed to support clients who don’t allow their users to book non-ref hotel offers or LCC flights. Now it is possible for the end user to create a draft basket and send it to the Arranger. The selected Arranger will be able to continue to book the trip …


[UX] Displaying nominated Arranger’s email next to the name

We’ve improved the nominated arranger selection process by displaying both names and email addresses. This enhancement reduces the risk of duplicates and ensures a more efficient selection process. How does it look after change: 2. Config Tool 3. Guest Form

Config ToolDesktopDiscount CardsNew featureOptionalTravel

New rule for discount cards

New rule in the Travel Policy has been created: IS_DISCOUNT_CARD. Thanks to it’s possible to treat separately fairs to which discount card might apply.

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