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At Goellet, with all our backgrounds and ideas, we have one thing in common. We all believe that every business traveler deserves a fantastic experience. Our teams diversity inspire creativity, generate innovative ideas, and enables delivering business travel solution for the future. Lately we have become a part of even bigger family – CDS Groupe, leading hotel marketplace for business travel in Europe.

L'équipe Goelett, votre partenaire et plateforme de réservation de vos déplacements professionnels. The Goelett team, your partner and platform for booking your business trips.

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Talent Management

Mateusz Wibig, VP produit chez Goelett

Mateusz Wibig

VP Product

Krzysztof Krysztofczyk, VP opérations chez Goelett

Krzysztof Krysztofczyk

VP Operations

Agnieszka Piekarska, VP customer Success chez Goelett

Agnieszka Piekarska

VP Customer Success

Michał Włoch, VP finance chez Goelett

Michał Włoch

VP Finance

Katarzyna Kozłowska, chargée des partenariats stratégiques chez Goelett. Katarzyna Kozłowska, strategic partnership at Goelett.

Katarzyna Kozłowska

Strategic Partnerships

Anna Markiewicz, VP ressources humaines chez Goelett

Anna Markiewicz

VP People

Monika Małka, service client de Goelett

Monika Małka

VP Customer Service

powered by CDS groupE

Together towards excellence

Goelett is proud to be a part of CDS Groupe, a renowned French company with a strong presence in the reservation solutions and services sector for the business hotel industry. Since 2001, CDS has been meeting the needs of companies, public administrations, and travel agencies by providing integrated business hotel reservation and payment solutions through innovative virtual cards.

With a focus on delivering a tailor-made service, CDS Groupe brings extensive expertise in optimising purchases, leading to potential savings of up to 30%. In addition to its central purchasing and reservation business, CDS Groupe has developed connectors that offer access to a vast selection of over 250,000 hotels and provides specific functionalities for efficient management of the business hotel industry.

As a company that values a human-cantered approach, CDS Groupe strives to make a positive impact both socially and environmentally.

Ziad Minkara

CEO of CDS Groupe

We want to share our vision of travel with major industry actors, take them to the next level – by providing tools and services expected by business travelers of tomorrow. Our industry is constantly growing, despite going through several crises these past twenty years. Services are adapting, tech foundations evolving, and the travel experience is getting more and more convenient. Driven by business people always eager to discover new countries, and companies to develop. In such circumstances, Goelett has made a journey of a survivor, therefore we feel confident about the road ahead. With our experience, know-how, and commitment as a Polish company turning to a major European player. Expanding into France, Italy, and Germany, to be the last business travel marketplace in Europe.

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