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Goelett Statement on ESG

At Goelett, sustainability is at the core of our business. We are dedicated to addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges within the travel industry and making a meaningful impact on the planet and the communities we serve.

We prioritize the integration of ESG principles into every aspect of our operations. Our commitment extends beyond financial performance as we aim to create positive change in the environment, society, and for our stakeholders.

By choosing Goelett as your travel solutions provider, you are partnering with a company that shares your values and is working towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

Sustainability principles

Follow international commitments relating to social responsibility and environment protection

Goelett starts emission inventory and analysis to define the baseline of emissions for our organization and to establish near and long-term reduction targets. We aim to work towards achieving net zero according to Science Based Targets initiative. Goelett adheres to the UN Global Compact for corporate responsibility and human rights.

Comply with applicable laws and regulations

Goelett has legal, fiscal, regulatory, and contractual obligations. Any initiative needs to comply with existing law, existing sector regulations and signed contracts.

Maintain governance practice

Goelett has established proper governance to assign and explain responsibilities, measure progress, assure handling violations and gather feedback for continuous improvement in sustainability area.

Sustain transparency with stakeholders

Goelett builds stable long-lasting relations with employees, partners, providers, clients, and all other stakeholders based on transparency, truth, commitment, and open dialog. All stakeholders receive required information and communication channels are adapted to be most effective to make sure trust is built.

Conserve environment

Our commitment to environmental conservation is exemplified through three key means in our everyday work: In our everyday work we:

  • work towards own organisation targets for energy efficiency, renewable energy sourcing, proper waste and water management,
  • positively impact clients and partners by designing product eco features,
  • promote the topic within the team and society.

Promote Sustainability

Goelett promotes economic, social and environmental sustainability internally among team members and externally among other stakeholders: our providers, partners, clients, application users, society.

Ziad Minkara

General Manager of CDS Groupe

By embracing sustainability as a core value, we aim to create a positive and lasting impact on the environment, society, and our business ecosystem. We believe that by working together, we can build a more sustainable future for generations to come .

Our partners in sustainability


We are extraordinary mix of practitioners in travel and engineering who decided to provide travel services in a digital way.


We are extraordinary mix of practitioners in travel and engineering who decided to provide travel services in a digital way.

Expense Provider

We have an online booking tool – Goelett and a hotel procurement platform used by thousands of business travellers every day.

Eco Vadis

The EcoVadis certification validates our commitments to environmental, social and ethical performance, bolstering our reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking organization. It demonstrates our dedication to sustainability and instills trust and confidence in our stakeholders.

As a certified company by EcoVadis, Goelett demonstrates trust, transparency, and commitment to sustainable practices.

Goelett eco features

We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. We proudly support a range of sustainable eco solutions that empower business to travel responsibly. From reducing carbon footprint to promoting green practices, we strive to provide innovative and eco-friendly travel solutions for greener future.

Carbon under control

For low-cost airlines CO2 emission is automatically displayed. For regular airlines user has to click the cloud icon to see the value (as data is pulled in real time).

Promoting eco-friendly travel policies

It is possible to switch off airline connections for the journeys that is shorter than indicated. User will have to choose a train instead. Apart of the trip duration, also certain routes can be predefined. These configurations are possible to set up in the Travel Policy administration.

Rail vs Plane comparison

Users can easily search for both means of transport, using preferences of both rail and air. Goelett presents all results in a similar manner on same one timetable with same main elements of the offer to easy compare: policy compliance, price, duration, CO2 emission.

Smarter commute

Thanks to the map view user can select one od defined points of interest or enter exact address when looking for a hotel. Traveller can plan the stay near the meeting venue so can walk or bike. 

Hotel ECO ammenities

We empower travellers to make smart choices by providing detailed descriptions of hotel facilities in three key categories:

Look around for the next stop

Get in touch to find out more

We offer a range of configurable solutions that support eco travel and can be tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Application of sustainable principles

How do we apply our sustainable principles


Include criteria in decision making process

Principles are incorporated into our decision making processes. Product development, supplier management, office management, recruitment and all other processes should take into consideration impact on environment and society. Elements substancial to Goelett’s business are:


Established sustainable procurement

Goelett, as a procurement solution for business travel, should specifically focus on sustainable procurement. In this area our impact is much bigger then our own operations it is as big as our customer base.

Goelett understands what is expected by its’ clients and what is required to meet own sustainability targets. We match it with suppliers feasibility.

We make sure our clients and suppliers share principles and sustainable goals – environmental and socialexpectations. We make sure all parties work together towards enforcing common sustainability principles along larger supply chain.


Maintain culture of inclusion and diversity

Members of Goelett team with their diversity and openness, together with trust and collaboration are our biggest asset. Goelett guarantees every employee equal opportunity to professional and personal development. It enables every member of the team to perform work in best possible physical and psychological conditions. It provides workplace free of any discrimination, or harassment, or behaviour offensive to people rights and dignity.

Develop products and services that contribute to sustainability


Goelett biggest impact on environment and society can be achieved by influencing our clients and users of our applications. According to our analysis Goelett online booking tool and hotel procurement platform strongly influence business travel processes of our clients. Our product development decisions contributes to more sustainable and fare economy.

Application of sustainable principles

Sustainable management

Comply with legislation

Goelett complies with applicable legislations, commitments and signed contractual obligations. To assuring compliance, Goelett has defined measures, set goals and targets, and reports progress on regular basis.

Maintain governance

Goelett has defined and assigned responsibilities, including responsibilities for all employees to act according to values, code of conduct, and policies; and to report any violations. These governance procedures also contain mechanism of identifying, reporting, and handling incidents of noncompliance

Use resources rationally

We use resources rationally, to reduce use of materials, water, energy and to limit amount of waste. We apply reuse, recycle best practices as well as we implement eco-efficient practices form datacentres to office kitchens.

Application of sustainable principles

Promoting sustainability

Promote culture and awareness among employees

Goelett employees are aware of environmental and social challenges as well as their own responsibility for environment, for workplace, and for society. Goelett team members know how to perform their tasks in accordance with existing policies and procedures. They are also able to recognize and properly react to any inappropriate or incorrect behaviour.

Develop and promote initiatives

Goelett team members initate and promote actions and initiatives raising sustainability awareness among employees, and society. Different groups of stakeholders i.e. employees, partners, clients, suppliers are involved in these actions and initiatives to learn, share knowledge, define practices, and cooperate towards common goals.

Provide resources for employees to participate

Company provides employees with required resources to participate in Goelett efforts towards set sustainability goals. Goelett management, aware of employees sharing same values and involving in other initiatives with other organizations, also supports them in their personal efforts.

Contribute to research and development

Goelett performs research and development of business travel management processes and IT, especially in area of user experience, user behaviour and procurement business processes. Our work contributes towards more sustainable travel procurement management.

As an engineering organization, Goelett promotes science / research / fact-based knowledge about sustainability.

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