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APIDesktopNew featureTravel

Goelett API Endpoint for Automated Traveler Profile Creation and Dictionaries

This update introduces a powerful new set of Goelett API endpoints, designed to revolutionize user management and data access: Effortless Traveler Profile Creation: automate traveler profile creation with our latest endpoint. This robust engine leverages data from created traveler requests to generate profiles seamlessly. Enhanced User Search & Management: Search for users ...
DesktopNew featureRolesTravel

Search by pool on Associate Roles & Pools

We’ve improved user search within Associate Roles & Pools. Now users can search by pool name, in addition to user or role name. Results are displayed in pages of 20 with a “Show More” button for easy navigation. A new counter helps to track the total number of users found.
DesktopNew featureProfile ManagementSecurityTravel

Simplified User Management with Bulk 2FA Enablement

This update streamlines the process of enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for multiple users at once. Enhanced search and selection enables to: • find users by name, email, or role for efficient filtering. • view only users with currently disabled 2FA and password authentication mode. • browse results in sets of 20 with ...
DesktopNew featureTravel Policy

City and Country List import for Travel Policy enabled for Business Rules Location

Internal admins can now leverage existing Travel Policy rulesets to populate city lists. This eliminates manual entry for cities already defined once in the Business Rules Locations tab and ensures consistency across various locations. What’s possible:
currencyDesktopNew featureTravel

MGA Currency Support

We’re adding support for the Madagascar Ariary (MGA) currency. Now users will be able to see offers in their currency while making a booking.
New featureTravel

Enabling Personalization for Default Trip Type Selection for Trip Views

Previously, the system automatically displayed a view aligned to the main role. This update empowers all users to set their most frequent trip type as the default, saving them time when utilizing Bookings tab. A new pin icon helps visually identify the selected default: a fully colored pin for the chosen type ...
New featureTravel

Dashboard Widget Personalization

From now on, it will be possible to personalize dashboard widgets. If users don’t need to use some widgets, they can hide them from their dashboard. This new functionality enables Goelett app users to play with their app view giving them more freedom and adjust the widgets according to their needs. In ...
ArrangerDesktopNew featureTravel

Quick User Profile Preview During Arranging

We are pleased to announce a new quick overview of user profiles. Now after clicking on a user chip during an arranging process instead of redirecting to the user profile, we display a side panel covering the most important user information. We provide also information on all documents and loyalty/ discount cards ...
ArrangerDesktopNew featureTravel

Recently Used Travelers – Quick Add

In order to streamline the arranging process we enhanced our UI adding an additional simple way to add travelers only by one click. We are suggesting travelers for whom arrangements were made recently. How does it look in the app?
Analytical fieldsDesktopImprovementTravel

Customized View: Hide Unused Traveler/Trip Fields

We’ve streamlined the user interface (UI) for analytical fields configuration. Now, if an organization doesn’t have any “Traveler/Trip” field types configured, these options will be hidden from the UI. This avoids unnecessary clutter and simplifies the field selection process. ‘Trip’ type field functionality covers the exact same needs.

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