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Interactive City & Point of Interest Search with aMap View

We have added a new visual enhancement to the map displaying searchresults. A new red pin will appear on the map, located precisely within the cityboundaries. Hovering with mouse over the pin will reveal a helpful tooltip withadditional information. Additionally, searching for specific points of interest, like an address or hotel,will also …

Hotel bookingNew featureOptionalTravel

Admin-Controlled Local Tax Transparency for Hotels

We enabled local tax configuration for TMC admins to manage local taxtransparency for hotels. With this new update it allows to control how local taxinformation is displayed in Goelett, independent of iAlbatros settings. Travelers will now benefit from upfront clarity on potential tax implications(whether tax is included in the accommodation fare or …

Hotel bookingNew featureOptionalTravel

New Comment Feature for Hotel Bookings

In response to user feedback, our latest update introduces the capability to leave comments for hotels prior to completing their booking. The option to add comments is integrated as part of the travel booking process. Comments must be submitted before the booking is finalized; they cannot be edited post-booking. This functionality is …

DesktopHotel bookingNew featureOptionalTravel

Display Masked VCC on Hotel Vouchers

To address concerns regarding payment information on vouchers (PDF version), we have implemented a new feature that provides limited visibility into payment details, ensuring transparency while maintaining security. The “Payment details” section now appears on vouchers, showcasing a masked Virtual Credit Card (VCC) number and a credit card image. For reservations covered …

DesktopHotel bookingImprovementOptionalTravel

Urgent Communication of On-Spot Issues on Hotel Voucher

To address concerns related to travellers not reporting hotel on-spot issues, we made an update to the voucher’s Important Notes section. We replaced the phrase “please contact” with the more emphatic “the traveller should contact immediately.” This change aims to reinforce the importance of prompt communication regarding any on-site issues, empowering travellers …

DesktopHotel bookingHotel VoucherNew featureOptionalTravel

Voucher Manager Enhancement: Flexible Local Tax Display

We have enhanced the voucher manager to provide more flexibility in displaying local tax information. Users can now choose whether to hide the local tax section from vouchers, display a message stating that the hotel provider will cover the city tax if not included in the price, or retain the default local …

Bug fixDesktopHotel bookingLoyalty and discount cardsOptionalTravel

[Hotel] Loyalty Points Message Delayed Display in Trip Card Custom Field View

We resolved an issue where the loyalty points message was not displayed immediately when users navigated to the trip card’s custom field view. The message is now displayed correctly upon initial access, eliminating any delays or inconsistencies.

Bug fixDesktopHotel bookingOptionalTravel

Updated information on the booking cancellation pop-up

Users attempting to cancel a reservation with a past check-in date had encounter an error message stating that the cancellation cannot be processed. This is because the reservation has already passed its check-in date and is no longer eligible for cancellation. To address this issue, a pop-up window will now appear when …

DesktopHotel bookingImprovementOptionalTravel

Enhanced Hotel Search Functionality

To improve the hotel search experience we have unified the search capabilities to include hotel name and point of interest to mirror the Dashboard search functionality. Additionally, to better reflect the expanded search capabilities, we have renamed the “Destination” field to “Search cities, hotels, or points of interest”. This change will make …

DesktopHotel bookingNew featureOptionalTravel

[Expedia] Introducing guest ratings and sorting for hotels

We have introduced an enhanced hotel rating system, sourced from guest reviews on Expedia. This update includes detailed annotations across various categories, such as cleanliness, staff & service, amenities, property conditions and facilities, all rated on a scale of 1 to 10. To make hotel search aligned with this update, we have …

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