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LCCNew featureOptionalPNRTravel

Adding Form of Payment to Sabre PNRs with LCCPassive Segments for Travelfusion

Previously when creating PNRs in Sabre for Travelfusion low-cost bookings withpassive segments it did not include the correct form of payment. Now, thesystem automatically sends the right payment info to Sabre, eliminatingmanual adjustments.

Bug fixDesktopOptionalPNRTravel

Issue with MIS segment in the PNR

We have addressed a customer feedback request to enhance the PNR editing experience by allowing users to customize the “PAR” element in MIS messages. This element, which is essential for maintaining access to PNR details after booking, can now be modified to any three-letter code. The default value remains “PAR,” but users …

DesktopIATANew featureOptionalPNRTravel

Carrier Identification for Lowest Fare in PNR Editor

This enhancement introduces the ability to include the IATA code of the airline offering the lowest fare within the PNR. Previously, the system only provided the lowest fare without specifying the airline. This improvement allows users to easily identify the carrier associated with the most affordable option, streamlining the decision-making process.

Bug fixDesktopHotelOptionalPNRTravel

PNR Editor missing sub-suppliers values for {AgregatorID}

Missing hotel sub-supplier values have been updated in PNR Editor database.

Bug fixDesktopOptionalPNRTravel

Multipax Hotel Booking Cancellation Status

We’ve resolved an issue with multipax hotel bookings where trips were cancelled correctly in Goelett, but PNR continued to display an active hotel segment. This problem was causing confusion as the hotel didn’t receive the correct booking cancellation information. With our fix, the booking statuses accurately reflect their cancellation status.

AirBug fixDesktopImprovementOptionalPNRSabreTravel

[Sabre] multiple improvements and bug fixes

As part of streamlining the offers appearing from Sabre in Goelett, we acknowledged and addresses the following bugs to improve the booking flow and PNR creation: – displaying incorrect rate per night for more than one night booking,– missing data in mini rules: missing airport names and displaying rates for multileg trips,– …

Admin PanelDesktopImprovementOptionalPNRTravel

Business unit code added in PNR editor

The PNR Editor in Goelett has been enhanced to include a new value option called “Business Unit Code” in the Template element. This enhancement allows Goelett admins to easily add the “Business Unit Code” from the Company Structure to the templates. With this enhancement, admins can now include the “Business Unit Code” …

DesktopNew featureOptionalPNRSabreTravel Policy

[Sabre] Traveller doc in travel policy issueing air booking

Process of adding traveller’s docs (incl. passport data) to the PNR has been synchronized to Sabre.

DesktopNew featureOptionalPNRTravel

Traveller mobile phone business unit in PNR editor

Missing traveller mobile phone & business unit have been added to the template elements dropdown in the PNR Editor in the admin panel. Improves automatization process and replaces manual process.

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