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In-Cart Passport Selection for Multiple Passports

We introduced an update that streamlines the booking process for travelerswith multiple passports in their profiles. Previously, the default passport wasautomatically selected for bookings. This could be inconvenient for travelerswho need to choose a different passport by going to the Personal Setting page. Travelers can now select the most appropriate passport directly …

DashboardNew featureOptionalTravel

Recently used destinations on Quick Search

To simplify the booking process, we now suggest travel destinations based onhistorical data in Quick Search. Suggestions consist of bookings made mostrecently and the most frequently chosen destinations. How does it look in the app?

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Two Factor Authentication Management for Admins

We deployed the addition of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to our platform,significantly enhancing the security of the platform. 2FA adds an extra layer ofprotection by requiring a second verification step beyond your password whenlogging in. With this new functionality will enable to turn on this functionality onthe user profile level in the admin …

New featureOptionalPaymentsTravel

Disabling Personal Credit Cards as a Payment Method

We have introduced a new feature that empowers administrators to managepersonal credit card usage within the organization. This provides increasedcontrol over booking expenses and ensures all travel expenses are routedthrough authorized company cards.

New featureOptionalPersonal SettingsSecurityTravel

Enhanced Data Privacy: Traveler PersonalInformation Masking

Following our constant commitment to enhanced data security, we’veintroduced a new feature for admins. Now, certain sensitive information intraveler profiles, like private addresses, will be masked for users withoutediting permissions. Travelers can still view their complete information inpersonal settings. This feature is configurable at the company level in CoreManagement.

Hotel bookingNew featureOptionalTravel

Interactive City & Point of Interest Search with aMap View

We have added a new visual enhancement to the map displaying searchresults. A new red pin will appear on the map, located precisely within the cityboundaries. Hovering with mouse over the pin will reveal a helpful tooltip withadditional information. Additionally, searching for specific points of interest, like an address or hotel,will also …

Hotel bookingNew featureOptionalTravel

Admin-Controlled Local Tax Transparency for Hotels

We enabled local tax configuration for TMC admins to manage local taxtransparency for hotels. With this new update it allows to control how local taxinformation is displayed in Goelett, independent of iAlbatros settings. Travelers will now benefit from upfront clarity on potential tax implications(whether tax is included in the accommodation fare or …

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Send as PDF Button Updated on Hotel Voucher

This new feature enhances the user experience by dynamically controlling theavailability of the “Send as PDF” button in the trip cart. The button will nowautomatically:• Hide: When the voucher email template is disabled in the mailing manager(including inherited settings from TMC).• Show: When the voucher email template is enabled in the mailing manager.This ensures …

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Streamlining EABs with Fare Family Names inSabre

When performing Enhanced Air Book (EAB) for air services using Sabre, we nowinclude the fare family’s brand name as additional data. This informationautomatically populates the Passenger Quote (PQ) element within the PNR.With the brand name readily available, TMC agents can easily identify the farefamily associated with the booking.

LCCNew featureOptionalPNRTravel

Adding Form of Payment to Sabre PNRs with LCCPassive Segments for Travelfusion

Previously when creating PNRs in Sabre for Travelfusion low-cost bookings withpassive segments it did not include the correct form of payment. Now, thesystem automatically sends the right payment info to Sabre, eliminatingmanual adjustments.

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