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Arranged trips view optimization

In our ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest level of application performance and stability, we have implemented a series of optimizations specifically aimed at enhancing the Arranged Trips View. These changes have been introduced to address performance issues and maintain a seamless user experience.

Config ToolDesktopImprovementOptionalTravel

[Config Tool] High-Risk Countries renamed to Business Rules Locations

We have renamed the “High-Risk Countries” section to “Business Rules Locations,” marking the first step in the commitment to add more business rules and features in future updates, providing businesses with a powerful tool to manage international travel and regulations effectively.

DashboardDesktopNew featureOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Enabling air/train comparison search via quick search widget

By introducing the air/rail feature in the quick search widget, users can now easily access this comparison search for flights and trains without the need to navigate through the extended search option. This enhances the user experience, making it more convenient and efficient to find the best travel options.

DesktopHotel bookingNew featureOptionalTravel

[Expedia] Introducing guest ratings and sorting for hotels

We have introduced an enhanced hotel rating system, sourced from guest reviews on Expedia. This update includes detailed annotations across various categories, such as cleanliness, staff & service, amenities, property conditions and facilities, all rated on a scale of 1 to 10. To make hotel search aligned with this update, we have …

Carbon emissionDesktopEco featureImprovementOptionalTravel

[Notilus] CO2 parameter enabled in the SBT API for Hotel

Introducing carbon emission data for hotel options is a necessity when promoting sustainable travel choices. Now, travellers using Notilus not only have access to flight and train details but also valuable information on the environmental impact of their accommodation choices.

DesktopHotel bookingImprovementNotilusOptionalPublic SectorTravel

[Notilus] Certificate for not compliant hotels with travel policy enabled for travellers

With this update, when booking a hotel through context login integration with Notilus InOne, travellers now count on automatic certificate delivery. A new “Download” button has been added. If no offers are found, this feature allows you to instantly download the appropriate certificate. If a room cannot be booked as per company’s …

Bug fixDesktopHotelOptionalPNRTravel

PNR Editor missing sub-suppliers values for {AgregatorID}

Missing hotel sub-supplier values have been updated in PNR Editor database.

Bug fixMobileOptionalTranslationTravel

Amenities icons and missing translations in the mobile app

We added extended amenities information: bicycle, eco and electric car charger icons and category translation to hotel facilities description in Goelett mobile app.

DesktopLCCNDCNew featureOptionalTravel

[Travelfusion] Dual Payment Options for NDC Offers

This update allows TMCs to utilize two distinct forms of payment for NDC offers delivered through our integration with Travelfusion. With this feature, TMCs can choose between two payment methods: IATA BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) and a Lodge Card, offering a versatile experience when booking and managing travel for their clients. …

Bug fixDesktopLCCNew featureOptionalTravel

[Travelfusion] Booking Status Update

This feature ensures that the booking statuses within Goelett correspond precisely with the booking statuses held by Travelfusion. This alignment is achieved by changing the source of confirmation, resulting in the resolution of long-standing discrepancies between Goelett’s booking status and that of Travelfusion.

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