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MessagesNew featureOptionalTravel

Introduction of Login Modal for Important Client Messages

To address client needs for a more direct communication channel with users, we have introduced a new feature that displays a modal message immediately after login. This pop up style messaging ensures that critical information from clients is prominently shared with users, guaranteeing that essential communications are received and acknowledged at the …

Bug fixOptionalTravel

Rail Time Picker Bug Fixed: Incorrect Display on Dashboard

Previously the picker incorrectly displayed a default time range of 10:00-18:00, despite the actual configuration being set to 08:00-18:00 in the main dashboard. We have identified and fixed this bug. The Rail Time Picker now accurately reflects the configured time range, ensuring correct data representation.

Guest TravellerNew featureOptionalRolesTravel

Streamlined Invitation Sending with New Feature

To simplify the process of sending invitation to Goelett via emails, the “Send Invitations” feature in new user interface has been created. This update streamlines the workflow and makes selecting recipients more efficient for admins.

Hotel contentNew featureOptionalTravel

Hotel ratings and distance added on map tooltips

In this latest update, the app has been enhanced to offer users a more informative hotel browsing experience. When users explore hotels on the map and hover over any selection, the tooltip now includes the hotel’s general guest rating and the number of reviews (sourced from Expedia), in addition to the hotel’s …

Hotel bookingNew featureOptionalTravel

New Comment Feature for Hotel Bookings

In response to user feedback, our latest update introduces the capability to leave comments for hotels prior to completing their booking. The option to add comments is integrated as part of the travel booking process. Comments must be submitted before the booking is finalized; they cannot be edited post-booking. This functionality is …

Bug fixFare rulesOptionalTravel

Displaying negotiated rates after clicking show more rooms

The bug involved displaying incorrectly negotiated rates. Users were not receiving negotiated rates when performing searches. Upon clicking “Show rooms,” only standard rates were displayed. Negotiated rates were only visible after clicking “Show more rooms.”

NDCNew featureOptionalTravel

TravelFusion NDC is now activated in Goelett

With the latest release, TMCs now have the capability to activate TravelFusion NDC, enhancing their service offerings with the following features: It’s important for TMCs to note that activating NDC services for specific airlines requires opening access with each airline individually.

AI improvementNew featureOptionalTravel

Enhancing Ticket Time Limit Accuracy with AI Support

In our ongoing effort to leverage AI for streamlining processes and enhancing collaboration with TMCs, providers, and users, we have implemented an advanced AI solution to ensure the accuracy of Ticket Time Limits across various airline formats.  This solution addresses inconsistencies in TTL determinations, especially from Special Service Requests elements, by analyzing …

New featureOptionalRail: TrainlineTravel

Integration of Ouigo Carrier via Trainline

Goelett’s rail database now includes Ouigo trains, broadening our rail offerings with both high-speed (Grande Vitesse) and low-speed (Train Classique) options. Grande Vitesse trains offer two fare types, while Train Classique provides a single fare option. Additionally, Ouigo supports ticket exchanges and cancellations. High-speed trains come with a seat map feature, and …


Fixed Error Messaging for Duplicate TravelFusion Bookings

We have improved the booking process within Goelett by addressing a crucial feedback regarding the TravelFusion booking experience. Previously, users encountered unclear error messages when attempting to rebook trips they believed had not been successfully processed. This led to confusion and unnecessary attempts to book the same trip again. Our update now …

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