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Explore the most recent changes, updates, and new features introduced in the Goelett app. Stay informed about our ongoing improvements, designed to enhance the user experience and optimize the application’s performance

DesktopNew featureSearchTravel

Separate Offline Trips Tab and New Search Criteriain Company Trips

We are improving company trip management experience by introducing adedicated offline trips tab for clearer organization and easier distinction betweenonline and offline bookings. This new tab comes equipped with comprehensivesearch criteria to empower you to efficiently locate specific offline trip requests. What’s New:– Dedicated offline trips tab: a new tab has been added ...
Company TripsDesktopNew featureTravel

New Location Filter for Company Trips

We are adding a new filter in the Company Trips view, thanks to which users can now narrow down their search results to specific destinations. This will help app users save time and effort by quickly finding the bookings they need. We believe this feature will greatly enhance the overall user experience, ...
DesktopNew featureTravel History

Better Trip Management: Automatic Deletion of Draft Trips

We are making trip management even more efficient with the introduction of automatic deletion for draft trips. Draft trips will now be automatically deleted after 10 days past creation. This prevent users to accidentally book expired offers that may appear in their drafts. By removing draft entries, the “Upcoming Trips” section will ...
DesktopNew featureSearchTravel

Improved Search Accuracy with Accents Recognition in Company Trips

We are pleased to announce an update to our search function that enhances itsaccuracy and Company Trips user experience. Previously, searches relied solelyon exact matches for names and surnames. With new update on the accentrecognition search results will now appear regardless of accent variations innames (e.g., “Müller” and “Muller” will yield the ...
DesktopNew featureTravel Policy

Enhanced Travel Policy with IS_PROrule

We have introduced a powerful new rule – IS_PRO – to our Travel Policy capabilities, giving you greater control over rail services. Designed to simplify policy management, IS_PRO allows you to easily include or exclude Pro fares within organization policies.
AccessibilityDesktopNew featureTravel

Enhanced Accessibility: Clickable Chip Upgrade for Trip Codes and Offline Request Codes

We are committed to improving the accessibility and user experience within the“Company Trips” section. Trip Codes and Offline Request Codes are nowpresented as clickable purple chips. The chips are now fully functional, allowing users to click on them for easieraccess to relevant trip details or offline request information. This visual upgradeenhances their ...
Bug fixMobileMobile AppTravel

Fixed Incorrect Validation Message for Analytical Fields in the Mobile App

Previously users on the Goelett mobile app were encountering unclear validationmessages when encountering errors while filling out analytical fields. With thisbug fix users can clearly see information necessary to proceed with filling thefields correctly.
DesktopNew featureTravel

Custom Roles and Rights Association UX Improved

We have enhanced the user experience in Roles and Rights management toprovide clearer visual indicators of assigned and unassigned rights. This updatestreamlines the process of associating and removing rights for different roles. What changes does it bring:– Basic rights remain greyed out, showcasing their pre-defined andunchangeable nature.– Unassigned rights are now bolded, ...
DesktopNew featurePNRSabreTravel

Configurable Passive Segments in Sabre

Previously, customizing the format of passive segments in PNR wasn’t availablefor Sabre bookings. TMC needs might vary depending on different internalneeds, such as: reporting, billing, and customer service. This update empowersAdmins to tailor passive segment formats for services beyond just air travel andto control the display of relevant information for any service ...
DesktopNew featureRail: TrainlineTicket modificationTravel

Configurable Trainline Ticket Exchange and Cancellation for Admins

Admins now have the ability to enable or disable Trainline ticket exchange orcancellation within the admin panel. This empowers TMC to determine whetherend users can modify or return Trainline tickets, adapting to the specific needsof TMC or their client companies.

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