Alert for Expired Deadlines for Approval

To enhance the workflow approval process, we have introduced an alert that informs users if any segments in the booking have deadlines that have passed. This ensures that users are aware of any potential issues before approving the booking and minimizes the risk of errors and disruptions to travellers’ itineraries.

Included Analytical Fields in Email Template in case of Draft sharing flow

To provide arrangers with more comprehensive information about drafts, we’ve enhanced the Draft Send to Arranger flow by incorporating analytical fields into the email template. This integration adds valuable insights, allowing arrangers to make informed decisions regarding draft further booking.

New Company Trips View

The new Company Trips View is a dedicated view that provides Arrangers, Travel Agents, and Administrators with a central location to manage and track all company trips. This enhanced view offers a comprehensive overview of all booked trips, enabling users to easily search and filter trips based on various criteria, including:– company/business unit,– traveller name,– […]

[Trainline] Enabling Individual Ticket Cancellation for Multipax Trips

We introduced the ticket cancellation feature that provides flexibility for canceling individual tickets within multi-passenger trips. It allows Arrangers to cancel tickets separately for outbound and inbound journeys. This ensures that Arrangers can make changes on a more individualized level, catering to specific passenger requirements without affecting the entire group booking.

Arranged trips view optimization

In our ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest level of application performance and stability, we have implemented a series of optimizations specifically aimed at enhancing the Arranged Trips View. These changes have been introduced to address performance issues and maintain a seamless user experience.

Active travellers visible for travel arrangers

In certain cases, when editing a guest’s information or modifying the GuestExpiration in the Configuration Tool or Personal Settings, the associated role’s ValidTo date was not being updated. As a result, travel arrangers were unable to locate active travellers within the system.We have implemented enhancements to ensure that changes made to the GuestExpiration now correctly […]

Restrict selection of arranger as approver for guest creation

With the addition of a new checkbox on the guest creation form, it is now possible to block the selection of the logged-in user as the approver for a created guest. When the checkbox is checked for a specific company, the currently logged-in user will be filtered out from the available options on the arranger’s […]

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