Multi-Passenger Booking on Travelfusion for LCC& NDC

We have introduced multi-passenger bookings for Travelfusion. This featureallows arrangers to make bookings for multiple passengers simultaneously,encompassing both LCC and NDC content. Limitations for NDC: Carriers create one single PNR on their side. If passivesegment creation in GDS is enabled, Goelett will create a PNR per passenger. Note: Only one payment method is supported – […]

Improved Booking Status Updates for Unconfirmed Ryanair Flights

We have identified an issue where travelers were not receiving timelynotifications when their LCC bookings were not confirmed after 72 hrs frombooking request. This could lead to confusion for travelers who were unawaretheir booking final status.To improve transparency, we made the following enhancement:72-hour follow-up: If the booking remains unconfirmed after 72 hours, anemail notification will be […]

[Travelfusion] Enabling booking management for TMC

With this improved integration with Travelfusion, we enabled TMCs to manage bookings made through Goelett directly from their Travelfusion IBE portal account. This enhancement eliminates the need for TMCs to switch between platforms, streamlining their booking management workflow. By sending an additional set of data, including agency name, IATA number, and business unit name, TMCs […]

[Travelfusion] Dual Payment Options for NDC Offers

This update allows TMCs to utilize two distinct forms of payment for NDC offers delivered through our integration with Travelfusion. With this feature, TMCs can choose between two payment methods: IATA BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) and a Lodge Card, offering a versatile experience when booking and managing travel for their clients. How to set […]

[Travelfusion] Booking Status Update

This feature ensures that the booking statuses within Goelett correspond precisely with the booking statuses held by Travelfusion. This alignment is achieved by changing the source of confirmation, resulting in the resolution of long-standing discrepancies between Goelett’s booking status and that of Travelfusion.

Send non-ref trip to authorized Arranger

This flow has been designed to support clients who don’t allow their users to book non-ref hotel offers or LCC flights. Now it is possible for the end user to create a draft basket and send it to the Arranger. The selected Arranger will be able to continue to book the trip for the traveller.

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