Configurable Passive Segments in Sabre

Previously, customizing the format of passive segments in PNR wasn’t availablefor Sabre bookings. TMC needs might vary depending on different internalneeds, such as: reporting, billing, and customer service. This update empowersAdmins to tailor passive segment formats for services beyond just air travel andto control the display of relevant information for any service type. Important Note:– […]

Streamlining EABs with Fare Family Names in Sabre

When performing Enhanced Air Book (EAB) for air services using Sabre, we nowinclude the fare family’s brand name as additional data. This informationautomatically populates the Passenger Quote (PQ) element within the PNR.With the brand name readily available, TMC agents can easily identify the farefamily associated with the booking.

Synchronize User Deactivations across Goelett and Sabre

We have addressed an issue related to user deactivations by ensuring that when a user is deactivated in Goelett, their profile is also deactivated in Sabre. This synchronization eliminates the possibility of ex-employees accessing their Sabre profiles and potentially committing fraud. This ensures that only active users have access to Goelett and Sabre, minimizing the […]

[Sabre] Wrong baggage allowance issue resolved

We’ve fixed the issue where baggage information was displayed as “1kg” instead of “1 piece” on bookings. This fix ensures that users no longer encounter confusion due to inaccurate baggage details in their bookings.

[Sabre] multiple improvements and bug fixes

As part of streamlining the offers appearing from Sabre in Goelett, we acknowledged and addresses the following bugs to improve the booking flow and PNR creation: – displaying incorrect rate per night for more than one night booking,– missing data in mini rules: missing airport names and displaying rates for multileg trips,– sending PNRs with […]

[Sabre] Enable missing rail offers

We have implemented an accesrail enhancement that enables travel combining rail and air mid-stops, such as TGV Air, in a single ticket. Passengers can now book train journeys with connecting flights as part of their air ticket. Additionally, we have included missing train and bus stations, along with stopovers, to mimic the air content, ensuring […]

[Sabre] Enabling multi-cabin class in one air trip

Previously, the system restricted travelers to choose only one cabin class per trip, leading to limitations for routings without business class options. With our latest improvement, users can now mix different cabin classes in a single trip, providing them with more diverse and suitable travel choices.

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