Two Factor Authentication Management for Admins

We deployed the addition of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to our platform,significantly enhancing the security of the platform. 2FA adds an extra layer ofprotection by requiring a second verification step beyond your password whenlogging in. With this new functionality will enable to turn on this functionality onthe user profile level in the admin panel. If You […]

Enhanced Data Privacy: Traveler PersonalInformation Masking

Following our constant commitment to enhanced data security, we’veintroduced a new feature for admins. Now, certain sensitive information intraveler profiles, like private addresses, will be masked for users withoutediting permissions. Travelers can still view their complete information inpersonal settings. This feature is configurable at the company level in CoreManagement.

Enhanced SSO verification and Bulk File for Default Passwords

In this update, we have introduced an improved verification process to facilitate the transition from default password authentication mode to Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication. The validation for SSOIDs has been enhanced during authentication mode update on company level, providing admins with a list of non-unique SSOIDs listed in a comprehensive bulk CSV file taking into […]

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