Multi-Passenger Booking on Travelfusion for LCC& NDC

We have introduced multi-passenger bookings for Travelfusion. This featureallows arrangers to make bookings for multiple passengers simultaneously,encompassing both LCC and NDC content. Limitations for NDC: Carriers create one single PNR on their side. If passivesegment creation in GDS is enabled, Goelett will create a PNR per passenger. Note: Only one payment method is supported – […]

Delayed Ticketing Enabled for Travelfusion NDC

This update introduces Delayed Ticketing for Travelfusion NDC reservations.This functionality simplifies travel planning by automatically holding reservedflight itineraries for a specified timeframe. Note: Not all fares qualify for delayed ticketing. Some fares, based on factorslike advance purchase rules, may have shorter ticketing windows that cannotaccommodate this delay. How it Works:1. Reserve a flight itinerary through […]

Automatic Loyalty Card Submission for NDC

We enabled automatic submission of airline loyalty cards during the booking process for NDC/Travelfusion flights. This feature ensures that travellers can easily collect points for their eligible flights without the need for manual intervention.

Enabled Pre-ticketing Cancellation for NDC

We made it possible for users to cancel Travelfusion NDC airline bookings in the pre-ticketing state. This enhancement empowers bookers to manage their travel arrangements more flexibly and impact on error handling.

NDC Access Credentials Management for TMCs

With this new feature, TMC administrators can  manage multiple carriers’ NDC access credentials within the same subbranch. This eliminates the need for TMCs with multiple NDC access credentials to rely on Travelfusion’s single-credential support, streamlining their booking process. TMC administrators can store NDC access credentials in the Transport Providers config. Additionally, they can select the […]

[Travelfusion] Enabling booking management for TMC

With this improved integration with Travelfusion, we enabled TMCs to manage bookings made through Goelett directly from their Travelfusion IBE portal account. This enhancement eliminates the need for TMCs to switch between platforms, streamlining their booking management workflow. By sending an additional set of data, including agency name, IATA number, and business unit name, TMCs […]

[Travelfusion] Dual Payment Options for NDC Offers

This update allows TMCs to utilize two distinct forms of payment for NDC offers delivered through our integration with Travelfusion. With this feature, TMCs can choose between two payment methods: IATA BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) and a Lodge Card, offering a versatile experience when booking and managing travel for their clients. How to set […]

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