Enhanced Accessibility: Clickable Chip Upgrade for Trip Codes and Offline Request Codes

We are committed to improving the accessibility and user experience within the“Company Trips” section. Trip Codes and Offline Request Codes are nowpresented as clickable purple chips. The chips are now fully functional, allowing users to click on them for easieraccess to relevant trip details or offline request information. This visual upgradeenhances their prominence and usability. […]

Custom Roles and Rights Association UX Improved

We have enhanced the user experience in Roles and Rights management toprovide clearer visual indicators of assigned and unassigned rights. This updatestreamlines the process of associating and removing rights for different roles. What changes does it bring:– Basic rights remain greyed out, showcasing their pre-defined andunchangeable nature.– Unassigned rights are now bolded, making them stand […]

Rail Time Picker Bug Fixed: Incorrect Display on Dashboard

Previously the picker incorrectly displayed a default time range of 10:00-18:00, despite the actual configuration being set to 08:00-18:00 in the main dashboard. We have identified and fixed this bug. The Rail Time Picker now accurately reflects the configured time range, ensuring correct data representation.

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