What kind of measures does Goelett apply to securely develop applications?

Goelett has defined and certified with ISO 27001 software development cycle. Quality assurance, privacy and security is taken into consideration from the planning phase of each change. The this stage analysis or risk is reviewed to make sure security and privacy requirements are satisfied and test scenarios are planned. During implementation phase code is reviewed […]

Where does Goelett process the data?

Goelett uses data centers in France and in Poland. We also use other sub-processors to manage emails and notifications delivery, assure PCI DSS compliant credit card processing, provide contact center services. The complete list of sub-processors is published in our Privacy Policy. We make sure that sub-processors process data in EU or proper contractual clauses […]

Is Goelett GDPR compliant?

Yes, Goelett is based and operates in EU and is obliged to act according to GDPR regulations. We are regularly performing Data Protection Impact Assessment. We have appointed DPO, we have made sure we can handle any Data Subject or Controller request, we have made sure we can properly report any personal data breach, we […]

Does Goelett have Information Security Policy?

Yes, Goelett has Information Security Policy and Information Security Management System (ISMS). Based on regular review of assets inventory and information security risk analysis we identify vulnerabilities and threads, and implement technical, operational, and legal measures to limit the risk. Goelett is ISO 27001 certified.

What are countries at risk and how they are applied in Goelett?

“Country at risk” typically refers to a country that is facing significant challenges or potential dangers, often related to political instability, economic turmoil, social unrest, or other factors that could negatively impact the safety and that make travel to or within that country potentially unsafe or risky. List of risk countries can be defined in […]

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