Paid Seat Reservation for Deutsche Bahn

New functionality allows selection and purchase of seat reservations. This update introduces paid seat selection for Deutsche Bahn tickets.  A new “Extras” tab will be available during the booking flow, allowing users to choose and purchase a seat reservation alongside their train ticket. This guarantees a designated seat for their journey. How does it look […]

Self-Service Modifications for Arranged Trips (Trainline, PAO)

Previously, travelers, whose trip has been arranged by someone else couldn’t modify or cancel their bookings. This required involvement from the arranger, potentially causing delays or inconveniences. Now we’re introducing self-service trip management, which allows solo and multiple travelers to directly modify or cancel their trips, mimicking the functionalities currently available to arrangers.

Car Search Radius Configuration in Travel Policy

We’re pleased to announce the implementation of a dedicated section for car rental settings within the Travel Policy configuration. This update empowers Admins to define a default radius that applies to all car searches for their users, regardless of the specific provider. Admins previously lacked the ability to configure the default search radius for car […]

Air Corsica Integrated Into Travel Programs

We have expanded our travel discount offerings by adding Air Corsica discount card Air Corsica + to Goelett travel card database. Thanks to this integration business travelers can get better rates with Air Corsica airline.

Night Train Couchette Availability

Previously, when selecting a night train and searching for couchettes (sleeping compartments), the system might not display available couchettes. This has been fixed, ensuring that all available couchettes are now displayed during the selection process.

Real-Time Fare Rule Integration

We have changed the way we collect information about fare rules. Previously, we did not collect them at the start of the booking as we relied on information collected and stored in our database. Since the fare rules might constantly change, we have decided to collect the live information during the booking process. This way, […]

“Mission Code” in the Analytical Fields Dictionary Fix

The autocomplete trigger for custom field values in the booking cart has been extended from 30 to 50 characters. Travelers on the booking confirmation page encounter a custom field named “Activity” (”Mission code” in the admin panel), which offers 101 possible options. By increasing the autocomplete trigger threshold from 30 to 50 characters, a larger […]

[UX] Change Draft Status Color to Gray

Draft status color was changed from yellow color to gray. Yellow color now is saved only for trips that are in active stages of booking process like: pending approval, hold or booking in progress. How does it look in the app?

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