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[Notilus] SBT API

[Notilus] SBT API

In our latest product release, we bring you a series of enhancements and issue resolutions aimed at streamlining your experience with Notilus. Here’s what’s new:

1. Resolving Mandatory Data Input
In a previous scenario, leaving a non-mandatory field blank in Notilus custom fields would lead to an unintended lock within the system, requiring a value to proceed. With this release this issue has been successfully resolved, enhancing user workflow by allowing smoother data input without unnecessary constraints.

2. [Hotel] ISO Country Codes via SBT API
Responding to user feedback, we’ve collaborated with the Notilus team to enhance the SBT API. This update adds ISO Country Codes for each service, providing essential information within Notilus to streamline booking workflow.

3. [Hotel] Certificate display issue fixed
We have resolved the technical issue related to the certificate not being generated in Goelett for CNRS-Notilus integration as it is in Goelett Web Application. The user doesn’t have to make a search again without the default search criteria to generate the certificate.

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