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Bug fixLCCOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Improved Booking Status Updates forUnconfirmed Ryanair Flights

We have identified an issue where travelers were not receiving timelynotifications when their LCC bookings were not confirmed after 72 hrs frombooking request. This could lead to confusion for travelers who were unawaretheir booking final status.To improve transparency, we made the following enhancement:72-hour follow-up: If the booking remains unconfirmed after 72 hours, anemail …

Bug fixOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Booking Error Resolved: Incorrect Phone Format

We identified and fixed a bug that caused booking errors during the finalization process. This issue arose due to an incorrect phone number (the system did not accept spaces in phone number format, leading to an error message). This issue have been addressed and does not impact the booking process.

DesktopNew featureOptionalTicket modificationTransportation booking flowTravel

Extend Ticket Voiding/Refund Options for Amadeus Bookings

This new feature expands ticket voiding and refund options for Amadeus bookings, providing travellers with greater flexibility and control over their travel arrangements. Now, even after an airline ticket has been issued, travellers have the option to cancel it within a specified time limit, ensuring that they don’t lose money due to …

Airl/Rail SearchDesktopNew featureOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Enabled Multiple Transportation Options for Air/Rail Comparison Search

We are expanding the possibilities of our travel search functionality, enabling users to compare and choose between rail and air options simultaneously. This enhancement extends beyond the current PAO/GDS combination, now incorporating Trainline as a viable rail provider. With this update, users can seamlessly explore rail and air options within a single …

DesktopNDCNew featureOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Enabled Pre-ticketing Cancellation for NDC

We made it possible for users to cancel Travelfusion NDC airline bookings in the pre-ticketing state. This enhancement empowers bookers to manage their travel arrangements more flexibly and impact on error handling.

DesktopNew featureOptionalRailTrainlineTransportation booking flowTravel

New Approval Flow for Trainline Multi-Passenger Booking

Trainline multi-passenger booking approval process has been enhanced to provide a more streamlined and secure experience for both travellers and arrangers. With the new approach, which mimics the setup for hotel booking flow, only the main traveller’s approver can approve or reject services, ensuring that only authorized individuals can make decisions that …

Admin PanelDesktopImprovementOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Online post-ticketing cancellation improvement

With this latest enhancement to the Admin Panel, Admins have the capability to enable Online Ticket Cancellation (OTC) directly within the platform, as well as set a specific timeframe before departure within which the cancellation feature can be activated. Admins can now adjust this setting based on TMC unique operational needs and …

DashboardDesktopNew featureOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Enabling air/train comparison search via quick search widget

By introducing the air/rail feature in the quick search widget, users can now easily access this comparison search for flights and trains without the need to navigate through the extended search option. This enhances the user experience, making it more convenient and efficient to find the best travel options.

DesktopNew featureOptionalTrainTransportation booking flowTravel

Setting default departure and return hours for rail service

With this latest update, administrators can now easily set default departure and return hours for rail services. You’ll find these options conveniently located under the ‘Transport Providers Configuration’ tab, within the newly added ‘General’ section under the rail tab.

DesktopNew featureOptionalTrainTransportation booking flowTravel

[PAO] Seatmap selection for TGV 1st class fare

We have introduced an upgraded feature for TGV first-class fares that allows travellers to select seats directly from a seating map. This enhancement provides passengers with the opportunity to customize their travel experience by choosing seats that align with their preferences, whether it’s proximity to the window, aisle, or specific amenities (passengers …

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