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DesktopNew featureOptionalTravel

Created separate blacklists for Hotel and Air

We have addressed an issue related to blacklisting management by changing the inheritance structure in the Config tool regarding blacklisted HOTEL and AIR suppliers. Previously, all blacklisting decisions were inherited across all levels, making it difficult to manage specific blacklisting requests for hotels. With the new structure, blacklisting decisions can be made …

ArrangerDesktopNew featureOptionalTravel

Alert for Expired Deadlines for Approval

To enhance the workflow approval process, we have introduced an alert that informs users if any segments in the booking have deadlines that have passed. This ensures that users are aware of any potential issues before approving the booking and minimizes the risk of errors and disruptions to travellers’ itineraries.

DesktopFare rulesNew featureOptionalTravel Policy

Travel Policy FARE_CODE Rule

Introducing a new rule type specifically designed to control fare code usage within rail travel policies. This rule allows administrators to specify a list of permitted/forbidden fare codes and enforce specific criteria for their application.

Company TripsDesktopNew featureOptionalTravel

[Company Trips] Searching Trips by Service Type and Status

To help users navigate through long lists of bookings we have added two additional filters. Now it is possible to select specific bookings statuses and service type.

Company TripsDesktopNew featureOptionalTravel

[Company Trips] Quick Trip Code Copying

To streamline the process of accessing and copying trip codes, we made it more convenient and efficient for users. Now, when you click on the trip code on the Company Trips view, the code will automatically be copied to your clipboard. 

Carbon emissionDesktopEco featureNew featureOptionalTravel

Carbon Footprint Transparency: Precise Emissions Data

Now, when user will hover over each service on the CO2 widget, he/she will see the exact emissions values associated with that particular service. This detailed breakdown of emissions provides users with a deeper understanding of the environmental impact of their travel choices. 


Included Analytical Fields in Email Template in case of Draft sharing flow

To provide arrangers with more comprehensive information about drafts, we’ve enhanced the Draft Send to Arranger flow by incorporating analytical fields into the email template. This integration adds valuable insights, allowing arrangers to make informed decisions regarding draft further booking.

Bug fixDesktopEco featureOptionalTranslationTravel

Missing French Translations Related to Sustainability

We have added missing translation to the French interface:  Sustainability  – Développement durableInformation about carbon footprint – Information sur l’empreinte carboneCalculated from xxx –  Calcul depuis xxxYearly budget – Budget annuelEmission – émission

Admin PanelDesktopNew featureOptionalRolesTravel

Searching Roles by “right” for Admin

We have introduced a new feature that empowers administrators to search for roles based on their associated rights.  With this new search option, administrators can effortlessly identify roles that possess specific rights by simply entering the role name or right name in the search bar. The system will then display a list …

DesktopHotel bookingNew featureOptionalTravel

Display Masked VCC on Hotel Vouchers

To address concerns regarding payment information on vouchers (PDF version), we have implemented a new feature that provides limited visibility into payment details, ensuring transparency while maintaining security. The “Payment details” section now appears on vouchers, showcasing a masked Virtual Credit Card (VCC) number and a credit card image. For reservations covered …

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