Enhanced Hotel Voucher Download and Email with Language Selection

Travelers can now download vouchers in different language versions. They can choose the voucher version (English, French, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish) for both downloaded and emailed options, regardless of their app language setting. This provides greater flexibility and ensures the voucher is useful for the recipient, especially when traveling abroad from the home country.This new […]

Wrong Company Location Applied After Hint In The Hotel Search Address Field

Previously, we encountered a problem where our search function was notcorrectly identifying the office location when a user selected a company hint.Instead, it would initiate a search around the city center, leading to incorrectresults. However, we have since resolved this issue and our search function nowaccurately identifies the office location when a company hint is […]

Meals Filter Checkbox Disappear After Hotel Search

When the user attempted to refine their search results by editing the filteroptions, they noticed that the checkboxes associated with their previousselections were automatically cleared, resulting in the filters not accuratelyrepresenting their initial preferences. This confused and made it difficult for theuser to find the desired results. Currently the filter is fixed and works properlyensuring […]

Search Results: Hotel Negotiated Rates Sorting Fix

Our users encountered a problem with displaying the negotiated rates in oursystem. Specifically, the rates weren’t appearing as expected when users clicked on the “show rooms” button. In some cases, clicking the “show” button was necessary to load additional rates. Now, we have implemented a fix that should resolve the issue once and for all.

Interactive City & Point of Interest Search with aMap View

We have added a new visual enhancement to the map displaying searchresults. A new red pin will appear on the map, located precisely within the cityboundaries. Hovering with mouse over the pin will reveal a helpful tooltip withadditional information. Additionally, searching for specific points of interest, like an address or hotel,will also display a new […]

Admin-Controlled Local Tax Transparency for Hotels

We enabled local tax configuration for TMC admins to manage local taxtransparency for hotels. With this new update it allows to control how local taxinformation is displayed in Goelett, independent of iAlbatros settings. Travelers will now benefit from upfront clarity on potential tax implications(whether tax is included in the accommodation fare or not), leading to […]

New Comment Feature for Hotel Bookings

In response to user feedback, our latest update introduces the capability to leave comments for hotels prior to completing their booking. The option to add comments is integrated as part of the travel booking process. Comments must be submitted before the booking is finalized; they cannot be edited post-booking. This functionality is available exclusively with […]

Display Masked VCC on Hotel Vouchers

To address concerns regarding payment information on vouchers (PDF version), we have implemented a new feature that provides limited visibility into payment details, ensuring transparency while maintaining security. The “Payment details” section now appears on vouchers, showcasing a masked Virtual Credit Card (VCC) number and a credit card image. For reservations covered by Goelett’s VCC, […]

Urgent Communication of On-Spot Issues on Hotel Voucher

To address concerns related to travellers not reporting hotel on-spot issues, we made an update to the voucher’s Important Notes section. We replaced the phrase “please contact” with the more emphatic “the traveller should contact immediately.” This change aims to reinforce the importance of prompt communication regarding any on-site issues, empowering travellers to resolve problems […]

Voucher Manager Enhancement: Flexible Local Tax Display

We have enhanced the voucher manager to provide more flexibility in displaying local tax information. Users can now choose whether to hide the local tax section from vouchers, display a message stating that the hotel provider will cover the city tax if not included in the price, or retain the default local tax display. These […]

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