Configurable Trainline Ticket Exchange and Cancellation for Admins

Admins now have the ability to enable or disable Trainline ticket exchange orcancellation within the admin panel. This empowers TMC to determine whetherend users can modify or return Trainline tickets, adapting to the specific needsof TMC or their client companies.

Simplified Ticket Exchange Management for TMC Admins

We have introduced a new feature that empowers TMC admins with centralizedcontrol over post-ticketing modification functionalities. Admins can now easilyenable or disable ticket exchange for GDS directly from the Admin Panel.Previously, enabling and disabling Sabre or Amadeus ticket exchange optionwas hidden behind feature flags and managed by the Product outside ofGoelett admin panel. Note: By […]

Extend Ticket Voiding/Refund Options for Amadeus Bookings

This new feature expands ticket voiding and refund options for Amadeus bookings, providing travellers with greater flexibility and control over their travel arrangements. Now, even after an airline ticket has been issued, travellers have the option to cancel it within a specified time limit, ensuring that they don’t lose money due to unforeseen changes.  This […]

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