Air Corsica Integrated Into Travel Programs

We have expanded our travel discount offerings by adding Air Corsica discount card Air Corsica + to Goelett travel card database. Thanks to this integration business travelers can get better rates with Air Corsica airline.

Real-Time Fare Rule Integration

We have changed the way we collect information about fare rules. Previously, we did not collect them at the start of the booking as we relied on information collected and stored in our database. Since the fare rules might constantly change, we have decided to collect the live information during the booking process. This way, […]

Increased Fallback Approver Flexibility

Previously fallback approvers could only approve for travelers within their assigned entity, causing delays for travelers not linked to a specific entity. In order to address that issue we have introduced a possibility to take into account also  Fallback Approvers on the root level. When option “Always send to Fallback Approvers from root company level” […]

[UX] Change Draft Status Color to Gray

Draft status color was changed from yellow color to gray. Yellow color now is saved only for trips that are in active stages of booking process like: pending approval, hold or booking in progress. How does it look in the app?

The MAX JEUNE Subscription Integrated Into Travel Programs

We have expanded our travel discount offerings by adding the MAX Jeunesubscription to the Goelett discount card database. Thanks to this integrationbusiness travelers aged 16-27 can use discounted travel on select TGV INOUI,INTERCITÉS and OUIGO. For more details and full benefits, please visit theofficial MAX Jeune website.

Updating Misleading Seat Selection Icon for 2nd-Class Fares

We have identified an issue where the current icon indicating PRO fares alsoindicated that a seat selection is possible for fares where seat selection isn’tavailable. This typically applies to second-class fares. To avoid any confusion,we have made a visual tooltip adjustment. Now, all PRO fares are marked asPRO 1RE instead of ESPACE PRO 1RE. This […]

Agency contact information improvements

Previously the whole agency’s information was retrieved based on the contactsinheritance. All data in the agency info popup was displayed based on their ownconfiguration as it was not inherited from the TMC. Now agency data such asname and address come from TMC configuration (not the inheritance), andcontact info (email, phone) is displayed based on the […]

New CSV and FTP Imports Engine

By timely phasing out old imports and introducing new ones, we ensure thatour customers always have access to the best products. Trust us to provide youwith exceptional quality and service. If you have any questions contact yourcustomer support or account manager

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