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New possibilities thanks to NDC content

New possibilities thanks to NDC content

NDC (New Distribution Capability), initiated by IATA, modernises the distribution of air travel with a standard based on XML. It replaces a standard used since the 1980s (EDIFACT) to facilitate communication between airlines and travel agents. Open to various parties, including third-party intermediaries and technology providers, it aims to revolutionise the sale of air travel products. 

The NDC aims to overcome the current limitations of the industry’s distribution system (known as the GDS), such as the lack of product differentiation and personalisation of offers, slow time to market, limited access to comprehensive airline content and the need for a more seamless buying experience. Essentially, NDC creates a direct link between airline offers and travel agents  (via aggregators or direct links), bypassing the traditional intermediary of the GDS.

Impact on the travel industry

NDC enables various players in the airline distribution value chain to benefit from its implementation. Free from the constraints of traditional GDS flows, airlines can now offer tailor-made journeys with dynamic pricing, enhancing the traveller experience. 

Benefits of NDC for TMCs: 

  • Cost savings: competitive pricing.
  • Extended sales capabilities: offer of a wide range of travel products and services, including complementary services and personalised offers. NDC is continually expanding airline offers, including “corporate fares”, which are now only available via the NDC channel. It allows agencies to provide their corporate customers with a comprehensive array of options by aggregating content from various air travel sources (GDS, NDC and low-cost aggregators).
  • Simplified booking and ticketing: once implemented and widely adopted, this standard should reduce manual intervention, resulting in greater productivity.
  • Order management and reporting: real-time capabilities improving visibility and control over bookings.
  • Enhanced passenger experience: a more personalised and seamless customer journey.

Expanding Goelett offer with NDC

At Goelett, we have developed strategic partnerships for air content with the two market leaders: Amadeus & Sabre. In addition, our collaboration with Travelfusion, an aggregator specialising in low-cost airlines (LCCs), guarantees a diversified range of offerings. 

Goelett’s NDC is based on Amadeus NDCx technology. This integration enriches Goelett with extended air content and enhanced personalisation, maintaining our competitive edge in the ever-changing business travel landscape. Goelett users benefit from a wider choice of flights, personalised fare options and the ability to add additional services with ease, creating a complete travel experience. 

Travellers can easily identify NDC content within the Goelett platform, specified as “NDC”, in a similar way to the “Web Fare” for low-cost airlines (LCC):

Continuous innovation

Goelett is committed to continuous innovation by constantly exploring opportunities for improved integration of NDC functionality to enhance the customer experience. Goelett plans include the introduction of post-sales enhancements, to facilitate post-booking modifications to provide users with greater flexibility. Moreover, if requested by a company, the payment options will be extended to include individual credit card payments (NDCx possibility). Goelett plans to integrate the discount programme for Air France subscribers, offering additional savings and benefits.

Goelett is committed to exceed our clients’ expectations and to be at the forefront of innovation in offering air travel products and NDC integration.

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