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Virtual Reality and employee training

Virtual Reality and employee training

Virtual reality

At Goelett, we understand the importance of professional development in driving innovation, empowering our employees to better serve our clients and partners. Meet Małgorzata Jaszczuk, our Talent Acquisition and Management Expert. Małgorzata plays a key role in our commitment to finding the best candidates and ensuring our team performs through innovative training and development initiatives.   

Talent Acquisition and Management Expert

Malgorzata explains: “In my role, I’m involved with employees on two levels. Firstly, I am responsible for searching for the right candidates according to the company’s needs. Then, the aim is to help employees improve their skills and offer them a training plan in line with the company’s ambitions.” 

As a technology company, we are committed to staying at the forefront of new technologies and market trends. Malgorzata continues: ” We decided to use VR (Virtual Reality) technology in the HR department to provide leadership training to 45 employees. The virtual world offers realistic training scenarios, enabling participants to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in an efficient way.

Our teams learn by experiencing, and that’s what makes the difference.  We immersed our team in interactive simulations where they could not only learn, but also experience these concepts firsthand. This approach cultivates practical application and social skills, such as conflict resolution and constructive feedback. It allowed employees to gain hands-on experience, improved their skills, and let them be better prepared for real-world challenges. As we look ahead, we’re considering integrating VR, as well as Artificial Intelligence into more training initiatives. It’s all about pushing the boundaries and keeping ahead of the curve.” 

Professional training is an investment with benefits for both, companies and employees. By continually investing in improving the skills and capabilities of our employees, we ensure that our teams are qualified and efficient, and that our employees can acquire new skills and progress in their careers. 

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