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Goelett streamlines train travel with enhanced ticketing solutions

Goelett streamlines train travel with enhanced ticketing solutions

In an era where sustainable transportation is no longer a preference but a necessity, train travel stands out as an eco-friendly alternative to air travel, offering a significantly lower carbon footprint. Embracing this shift, Goelett focuses on making train travel more accessible, convenient, and appealing for the business community. 

Our mission goes beyond providing a user-friendly booking system, extending to offering comprehensive solutions for Travel Management Companies (TMCs), businesses, and users. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Benerail and Trainline, we’re expanding our range of ticketing options and features. 

Recognizing the dynamic nature of travel plans, we have a post-sales ticket modification functionality, allowing travellers to easily change or cancel their tickets online through our Goelett Online booking tool (OBT). Travellers can cancel individual tickets, now also within multi-passenger trips.  This feature is particularly beneficial for business travellers whose itineraries may be subject to last-minute changes. 

Post-sales ticket modification gives greater control to travellers, and it eases the workload for TMCs as they no longer need to be involved in every stage of the booking process.   

See the demo on how ticket post-sale online modification works in practice:

Goelett also offers more services thanks to its benerail partnership. The tool makes it easy to configure and book train tickets. Goelett, GO simple.

Goelett remains dedicated to providing travellers with the best possible rail booking experience. Through continuous innovation and strategic partnerships, we are making it easier than ever for travellers to book, manage, and modify their train tickets, ensuring an enjoyable travel journey. 

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