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Meet Mateusz Wibig: technology, leadership and AI

Meet Mateusz Wibig: technology, leadership and AI

Technology plays an essential role in user experience and innovation. Mateusz Wibig, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Goelett, shares his vision, expertise and technological ambitions for Goelett’s online booking platform, #Go, simple!

Engineer by degree, Mateusz brings to Goelett 20 years of professional experience in various fields: innovative start-ups, renowned consultancies, research projects […] Mateusz embodies both technological expertise and a vision of leadership.

Mateusz’s passion for travel and his experience as a professional yacht skipper inspire his commitment to optimising Goelett’s travel bookings. His aim is to integrate business requirements and individual needs into all developments. He wants to ensure that users can work efficiently while enjoying and making the most of their travel experience.

What are your key responsibilities and challenges as Chief Technology and Product Officer at Goelett?

Goelett product and engineering teams now have around 70 practitioners: experts in software development, IT service management, security, UX, product… My main role is to create for them the best possible environment to work, to experiment and to develop further.

The company is currently undergoing rapid growth, with ambitious projects. So, we need to make sure we have the right product, the right technology and the right organisation to support them. My top topics these days are performance and scalability of our architecture, the risks associated with new technologies: generative AI and quantum computing, as well as users’ community involvement in product-related research, product knowledge sharing, and making travel and our IT more sustainable.

What is your vision for the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into Goelett’s product development roadmap, and how do you foresee AI enhancing user experiences?

I’ve been answering questions about AI since the release of ChatGPT at the end of 2022. Truth is, it is not a vision, AI is part of our daily job. We’ve been using AI for years. Since 2017, we have explored automatic natural language processing with IBM Watson, Microsoft Bot and Given the projects on personalisation, data mining and planned machine learning, we launched an ‘Ethical Use of Technology Policy’ in 2021. In 2024, with 20 big language model initiatives underway, our users will benefit from greater personalisation, enriched hotel content, enhanced security, and superior service.

AI also supports other elements of Goelett’s IT ecosystem, accompanying coding and documentation research. Machine learning is the heart of security in our WAF, in our 4th generation firewall, in adaptive protection of our intrusion detection and prevention solutions.

As a business traveler yourself, can you share your personal experiences using Goelett’s solution and mobile app? What features do you find most valuable?

Goelett has been built to make business trips easier and more enjoyable. Goelett is about travelers choosing what suits them best. Travel arrangements should integrate both, professional and personal needs. For example, the choice of hotel may be tailored to meet specific needs, whether it’s the opportunity to explore the local area after meetings or access to amenities like a gym or comfortable bedding. We all have our preferences and routines, and we all deserve the perfect business trip.

And specifically, regarding the mobile app, what functionalities or features do you find particularly useful during your trips?

Notifications! I just love them. As a manager, I can approve my team’s travel plans in a matter of seconds. And as a traveler, I immediately receive information about ticketing or check-in reminders.

What’s your favorite business travel destination and why?

I dream of Rome, a city I have yet to explore, and regarding my favourite destination, without hesitation: it’s Białystok.

Goelett’s second office in Poland is in Bialystok, the people there are very creative and positive, it’s always a pleasure to work there. Hospitality is sort of in their DNA. Białystok is also a beautiful city, surrounded by many interesting attractions for history, culture and nature lovers, as well as for those who just want to relax and enjoy.

#Goelett, Go simple!

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