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What are roles in Goelett?

What are roles in Goelett?

When using the Travel module in Goelett, there are a couple of roles possible:

SELF BOOKER – a traveller who has the ability to book their own trips through the Goelett platform

ARRANGER – a person within the company who can book trips for other travellers (incl. guests)

APPROVER – a person responsible for the approvals before booking is confirmed

GUEST TRAVELLER – a role similar to the traveller, but without a profile or login in Goelett. Arrangers can create and manage guest traveller profiles when booking their trips. These profiles are stored temporarily in Goelett and have expiration dates.

CLIENT ADMIN – a person designated with the authority to manage all settings for the company under which their profile has been created. The Client Admin role is typically assigned to the company’s CSM (Customer Success Manager) to ensure the company’s travel settings are properly configured and maintained.

TMC AGENT – a user created under a TMC who can arrange trips for travelers belonging to companies associated with a given TMC. When offline booking requests are submitted through the Goelett offline booking form, the TMC Agent receives the request in their email and can proceed to arrange trips for the clients in Goelett.

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