Meet Mateusz Wibig: technology, leadership and AI

Technology plays an essential role in user experience and innovation. Mateusz Wibig, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Goelett, shares his vision, expertise and technological ambitions for Goelett’s online booking platform, #Go, simple! Engineer by degree, Mateusz brings to Goelett 20 years of professional experience in various fields: innovative start-ups, renowned consultancies, research projects […] […]

Goelett streamlines train travel with enhanced ticketing solutions

 In an era where sustainable transportation is no longer a preference but a necessity, train travel stands out as an eco-friendly alternative to air travel, offering a significantly lower carbon footprint. Embracing this shift, Goelett focuses on making train travel more accessible, convenient, and appealing for the business community.  Our mission goes beyond providing a […]

Embracing the Railway Revolution

Adoptez des déplacements professionnels plus respectueux de l'environnement grâce à l'estimation du rejet en CO² de vos déplacements avec Goelett

As Renfe has just launched its high-speed trains in France, Goelett is focusing on integrating railway services into its business strategy. With the liberalization of rail services in France and Europe, the rail network is expected to expand in the coming months, both for European and domestic connections. According to Pierre Mesnage, CEO of Goelett, […]

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