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Towards an increasingly intuitive mobile app interface

Towards an increasingly intuitive mobile app interface

Goelett mobile app OBT SBT for business travel and hotels

For more than a decade now, we’ve seen the trade of online booking tools evolving fast. Keeping up with the rising trend and increasing reliance on mobile devices for managing business travels, Goelett offers a seamless booking experience with its mobile app. Thanks to our user-friendly design, travellers can access all the functionalities they need right at their fingertips. The app provides a convenient alternative to our existing desktop views and offline solutions. With Goelett’s mobile app, travel management becomes efficient and agreeable.  

New features of the Goelett app 

 We’ve recently implemented push notifications for new bookings and approvals to streamline the process. Every approver will receive prompt notifications whenever a booking awaits their decision. No more delays in the approval process. 

Every traveller will be instantly informed about the status of their bookings, whether it’s an approval, rejection, or request for modification. The notifications include status feedback for each segment within a booking, providing the user with comprehensive information at their fingertips. 

We’ve added a notification for when someone else adds a user to a booking. Thanks to this improvement users will enjoy the convenience of real-time updates and will no longer miss any relevant communications. Our app will now also let travellers know once a ticket for their journey has been issued. No more uncertainty – we’ve got all users’ needs covered at every stage of their trip. 


More intuitive mobile interface 

Our redesigned navigation system features a prominent floating button labelled “Book a trip” for instant access to initiate travel arrangements.  

To complement the notification feature, we’ve created a separate Notifications screen. A centralised hub that allows every user to catch up with the history of their recent items. Each element will be available for 30 days. Simply by clicking on a notification, a user will be directed straight to the relevant booking, eliminating unnecessary steps. We’ve also incorporated alert indicators, ensuring that users never miss any status changes that require their attention. 

Stay Informed 

For our newcomers, we’ve implemented user-friendly guidance tooltips. These helpful explanations accompany each screen, ensuring that every user can easily navigate and understand all the available options within the app. 

We are continually working on flexible and aesthetic screens for faster loading times and smoother interactions, prioritizing quick and hassle-free access to booking details. 

We are set to improve the way users interact with our platform, making every booking journey seamless, informative, and enjoyable. We invite all the Goelett users to explore the enhanced features on their mobile devices and enjoy the seamless journey from start to finish. Let’s book a trip! 

Download our new mobile app and use it on the go.

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