What are statuses in Goelett?

Draft – a service is added to the shopping cart, but not yet booked Booking In Progress – temporary status, used when user click Book or Hold button, after booking all services (and handle booking errors) should be changed to valid status Hold – a service has been put on hold Pending Approval – a […]

What are roles in Goelett?

When using the Travel module in Goelett, there are a couple of roles possible: SELF BOOKER – a traveller who has the ability to book their own trips through the Goelett platform ARRANGER – a person within the company who can book trips for other travellers (incl. guests) APPROVER – a person responsible for the […]

How to set up my account?

Here you can learn how to set up your profile as a “Self-booker”.If you would like to arranger a trip see Arranger Guide. If you have an Approver role – visit this article. Step 1: Activate your Goelett accountFollow the instructions received in the welcome email. Based on your company’s configuration, you may find a […]

How can I check carbon emission for my flight?

CO2 emission is automatically displayed on your flight result page, right next to the luggage allowance and travel policy compliance icon. For Low Cost providers (i.e. Ryanair or Wizzair) this value is shown automatically. For regular airlines you have to click the cloud icon to reveal carbon emission value for the flight.

How do I set up my traveller profile?

Before booking on Goelett, update your personal info, including birth date, nationality, your identity documents and contact details in “General Settings” and “Contacts.” To get there, click on the bottom left of your navigation and “User Settings” to view the list of traveler settings.General dataIn the “General Settings” tab, please review and update your personal […]

How can I view my upcoming trips?

You can see a list of your trips on the main dashboard. For more detailed view you can click “Bookings” on your dashboard’s left menu. Use filters on top for upcoming, ongoing, past trips, or different trip types (e.g., My Trips, Templates, Arranged by me).

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