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Edito by Ziad Minkara

Edito by Ziad Minkara

Article éditorial de ziad minkara sur l'industrie du voyage d'affaires Business travel industry editorial by ziad minkara

Dear members of the business travel industry,

It is with great pleasure that I address you regarding the remarkable journey we have travelled together, embracing the core values of innovation, transparency, security, humanity, and globalisation. At the heart of our endeavors, we place our clients, the driving force behind all our innovations and initiatives.

In our pursuit of innovation, we have placed our clients at the center, listening intently to their evolving needs and desires. It is through this attentive approach that we have been able to anticipate and exceed their expectations, creating experiences that are both personalised and transformative.

Transparency has been our guiding principle, ensuring that our clients are informed, supported, and empowered every step of the way. By placing their needs at the forefront, we have fostered an environment of trust and reliability.

Security has been our unwavering commitment, with our clients’ well-being as our paramount concern. By putting their safety first, we have not only reassured them, but also nurtured lasting relationships.

Humanity has been the soul of our industry, shaping every interaction and experience with empathy and understanding. By recognizing the individuality of each client and their needs, we have fostered a culture of inclusivity and conviviality, ensuring that each trip is satisfying and enriching.

Globalisation has broadened our horizons, connecting us with clients from every corner of the world. By embracing the diverse perspectives and cultures of our clients, we have contributed to the richness of our global community.

In our dedication to clients, we also recognize the vital role of collaboration. We have worked closely with travel management companies, understanding that it is through partnership and cooperation that we can best serve our clients, ensuring that their every need is not just met but exceeded.

Finally, we approach our clients and partners with humility, recognizing that our journey is not one of solitary achievement but of collective endeavor. It is with humility that we listen, learn, and grow, enriching our industry through our unwavering commitment to our clients and our collective mission.

Together, let us continue to place our clients at the heart of everything we do, embracing innovation, transparency, security, humanity, and globalization as pillars that uphold our shared commitment to excellence.

Thank you.

Ziad Minkara,
President of Goelett

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