Meet Mateusz Wibig: technology, leadership and AI

Technology plays an essential role in user experience and innovation. Mateusz Wibig, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Goelett, shares his vision, expertise and technological ambitions for Goelett’s online booking platform, #Go, simple! Engineer by degree, Mateusz brings to Goelett 20 years of professional experience in various fields: innovative start-ups, renowned consultancies, research projects […] […]

Goelett App advantages for business travellers

Meet Anna Majewska, Mobile App Product Manager at Goelett, as she explains the benefits of the Goelett app for business travellers, providing insights into its main functionnalities and advantages. What are key priorities in your role as Product Manager for the Goelett application? Our team is dedicated to creating the best-in-class user experience for business […]

Meet our team : Hichem Chabane, Account Manager

Meet Hichem Chabane, a new member of the Account Management team of Agnieszka Piekarska. Hichem brings with him a wealth of experience in the business travel industry. Hichem’s mission will be to closely monitor the evolving needs of his clients and act as the intermediary between product teams and clients to ensure their continued satisfaction. […]

Corentin Beauquin joins the Account Management team

With over ten years’ experience in business development in the corporate travel industry and expertise in the hotel sector, Corentin previously held the position of Project Manager at Egencia. “My goal is to support our customers in optimising their business travel management, while guaranteeing maximum satisfaction for travellers. On a daily basis, I am committed […]

Meet our team: Agnieszka Piekarska

Meet the Goelett team: our series begins with Agnieszka Piekarska, VP Account Management. Account managers play a crucial role in the success of our company and our clients, acting as the customers’ ambassadors at Goelett. Their mission is to understand the goals of their clients and ensure a perfect match between our products, services and […]

Edito by Ziad Minkara

Article éditorial de ziad minkara sur l'industrie du voyage d'affaires Business travel industry editorial by ziad minkara

Dear members of the business travel industry, It is with great pleasure that I address you regarding the remarkable journey we have travelled together, embracing the core values of innovation, transparency, security, humanity, and globalisation. At the heart of our endeavors, we place our clients, the driving force behind all our innovations and initiatives. In […]

Goelett streamlines train travel with enhanced ticketing solutions

 In an era where sustainable transportation is no longer a preference but a necessity, train travel stands out as an eco-friendly alternative to air travel, offering a significantly lower carbon footprint. Embracing this shift, Goelett focuses on making train travel more accessible, convenient, and appealing for the business community.  Our mission goes beyond providing a […]

Trainline seat map

How It Works  When booking 1st class tickets through Goelett, travellers will find the option to select their seats. The user-friendly seat map displays both available and occupied seats across all train cars and decks, ensuring an uncomplicated and efficient seat selection process. 

Eco widget: For greener journeys with Goelett

At Goelett, we believe in the power of technology to make a positive impact on the environment. Therefore, we are delighted to announce the release of our new Eco widget. The Eco widget is designed with sustainability in mind and aims to increase awareness of users’ carbon footprint. With just a glance at the main […]

Towards an increasingly intuitive mobile app interface

Goelett mobile app OBT SBT for business travel and hotels

For more than a decade now, we’ve seen the trade of online booking tools evolving fast. Keeping up with the rising trend and increasing reliance on mobile devices for managing business travels, Goelett offers a seamless booking experience with its mobile app. Thanks to our user-friendly design, travellers can access all the functionalities they need […]

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