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New featureOptionalTravel

Streamlining EABs with Fare Family Names inSabre

When performing Enhanced Air Book (EAB) for air services using Sabre, we nowinclude the fare family’s brand name as additional data. This informationautomatically populates the Passenger Quote (PQ) element within the PNR.With the brand name readily available, TMC agents can easily identify the farefamily associated with the booking.

LCCNew featureOptionalPNRTravel

Adding Form of Payment to Sabre PNRs with LCCPassive Segments for Travelfusion

Previously when creating PNRs in Sabre for Travelfusion low-cost bookings withpassive segments it did not include the correct form of payment. Now, thesystem automatically sends the right payment info to Sabre, eliminatingmanual adjustments.

LCCNew featureOptionalTravel

Multi-Passenger Booking on Travelfusion for LCC& NDC

We have introduced multi-passenger bookings for Travelfusion. This featureallows arrangers to make bookings for multiple passengers simultaneously,encompassing both LCC and NDC content. Limitations for NDC: Carriers create one single PNR on their side. If passivesegment creation in GDS is enabled, Goelett will create a PNR per passenger. Note: Only one payment method …

NDCNew featureOptionalTravel

Delayed Ticketing Enabled for Travelfusion NDC

This update introduces Delayed Ticketing for Travelfusion NDC reservations.This functionality simplifies travel planning by automatically holding reservedflight itineraries for a specified timeframe. Note: Not all fares qualify for delayed ticketing. Some fares, based on factorslike advance purchase rules, may have shorter ticketing windows that cannotaccommodate this delay. How it Works:1. Reserve a …

ImprovementOptionalTicket modificationTravel

Simplified Ticket Exchange Management for TMC Admins

We have introduced a new feature that empowers TMC admins with centralizedcontrol over post-ticketing modification functionalities. Admins can now easilyenable or disable ticket exchange for GDS directly from the Admin Panel.Previously, enabling and disabling Sabre or Amadeus ticket exchange optionwas hidden behind feature flags and managed by the Product outside ofGoelett admin …

CancellationImprovementOptionalRail: DBTravel

Improved Multi-Passenger CancellationExperience for Deutsche Bahn

We have enhanced the cancellation process for multi-passenger bookings withDeutsche Bahn offers. Due to the carrier’s limitation users cannot cancel asingle passenger’s segment within such bookings. Now, a clear messageinforms users that canceling a segment impacts all passengers, and checkboxes automatically reflect this for one-way trips where applicable.

Bug fixOptionalTravel History

Inconsistent Approval Status in the Trip HistoryFixed

We have identified a discrepancy between the approval status of certainbookings. While the trip history displays these bookings as approved, theircurrent view continues to reflect a “pending approval” status. This issue havebeen identified and fixed in the user interface.

Bug fixOptionalTravel Program

ITA Airways Loyalty Program Name Update

We identified an issue where the ITA Airways loyalty program name wasincorrectly displayed as “Mille Miglia” in certain areas of the application. Thishas now been fixed, and the program name will be accurately reflected as“Volare” going forward.

Bug fixOptionalRailSNCFTravel

Error While Booking SNCF Tickets with Military IDFixed

Previously, an error (code 66) occurred when booking SNCF tickets with validmilitary ID cards in EDA client profiles. This issue has been fixed. The systemincorrectly processed bookings using military fares, even though the ID cardswere valid. Military personnel can now book SNCF tickets using their IDs withinthe tool.

Bug fixLCCOptionalTransportation booking flowTravel

Improved Booking Status Updates forUnconfirmed Ryanair Flights

We have identified an issue where travelers were not receiving timelynotifications when their LCC bookings were not confirmed after 72 hrs frombooking request. This could lead to confusion for travelers who were unawaretheir booking final status.To improve transparency, we made the following enhancement:72-hour follow-up: If the booking remains unconfirmed after 72 hours, anemail …

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