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Bug fixDesktopHotel bookingOptionalTravel

Updated information on the booking cancellation pop-up

Users attempting to cancel a reservation with a past check-in date had encounter an error message stating that the cancellation cannot be processed. This is because the reservation has already passed its check-in date and is no longer eligible for cancellation. To address this issue, a pop-up window will now appear when …

DesktopiAlbatrosImprovementLoyalty and discount cardsOptionalTravel

[iAlbatros] Improved KDS Loyalty Card Integration

We have enhanced the KDS API to streamline loyalty card usage for iAlbatros content bookings. Technical changes will allow to use of traveler loyalty cards during the booking process between KDS and iAlbatros. After adjusting the solution by KDS it will simplify the booking experience and ensure seamless integration of loyalty benefits.

DesktopHotel bookingImprovementOptionalTravel

Enhanced Hotel Search Functionality

To improve the hotel search experience we have unified the search capabilities to include hotel name and point of interest to mirror the Dashboard search functionality. Additionally, to better reflect the expanded search capabilities, we have renamed the “Destination” field to “Search cities, hotels, or points of interest”. This change will make …

DesktopNew featureNotilusOptionalSBT APITravel

[Notilus] Hotel Pricing with Local Tax Inclusion

To provide Notilus users with more comprehensive hotel information, we are expanding the hotel data to include whether local taxes are included in the rate. This information is currently available on Goelett and is being sent via the SBT API. We will be integrating this information into Notilus to ensure that users …

Bug fixDesktopImprovementNotilusOptionalSBT APITravel

[Notilus] New link redirection for Approval Email Template

We made an update to the approval email template for Notilus clients. This update addresses the issue of approvers receiving error messages when attempting to directly access trips via email links. The enhanced template now includes an additional checkbox labeled “CartRedirectionLink” under the “Trip Details” section. Notilus clients can customize the template …

Admin PanelDesktopImprovementOptionalSBT APITravel

Improved Traveller Request Management for Admins

We made an update to the Traveller Request Management feature, providing admins with greater visibility and control over traveller SBT API requests. This enhancement introduces a new screen accessible to admins with the “CanManageProfiles” privilege, enabling them to review the details of the three most recent traveller SBTI API requests, including creation, …

Admin PanelDesktopNew featureOptionalSSO IDTravel

Added Profile Filtering with SSO ID Search for Client Admins

Client Admins can now search for travellers’ profiles using SSO ID values, making it easier to find specific profiles without knowing the corresponding login ID. This feature streamlines profile filtering and improves the user experience for Admins in organizations using SSO ID.

Admin PanelDesktopHotel ManagementNew featureOptionalTravel

New travel policy rule created for city groups

A new travel policy rule called DESTINATION_CITY_IN_GROUP has been introduced to better manage travel to a large number of cities. This allows to group cities together and apply a single set of travel policies to all cities within the group. This can save the time and effort by eliminating the need to …


Arranged trips view optimization

In our ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest level of application performance and stability, we have implemented a series of optimizations specifically aimed at enhancing the Arranged Trips View. These changes have been introduced to address performance issues and maintain a seamless user experience.

Config ToolDesktopImprovementOptionalTravel

[Config Tool] High-Risk Countries renamed to Business Rules Locations

We have renamed the “High-Risk Countries” section to “Business Rules Locations,” marking the first step in the commitment to add more business rules and features in future updates, providing businesses with a powerful tool to manage international travel and regulations effectively.

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